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Beautiful Weddings Don't Have to Cost a Fortune

Updated on November 19, 2015

You've Said Yes

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest, most memorable day of your life, but sometimes it drains savings accounts or creates unnecessary debt, which can cause negative feelings in the aftermath of the event. Some people don't have the money to spend, so they end up creating debt. Others spend money they should really be saving for a house or for the future, Fortunately, there are ways to make the day special without spending a fortune.


Church Weddings

Typically, if you are a member of a church, you are able to hold your ceremony there without a charge. If you are not a member or do not attend church, the best way to start is to scope out several attractive locations and contact them individually to inquire about the cost to have your wedding at their facility. Often, there is a separate charge for the church, the pastor and to use the banquet or reception area after the wedding. Although there may be a charge to use the banquet or reception area, it will normally be less than renting a completely separate facility.

Other Venues

Some individuals prefer to have their wedding outside or at another indoor venue other than a church. Outside weddings if held at a specific private location will typically be more expensive than a public location, such as a public beach. Public locations normally only have minimal charges or sometimes no associated cost. If you prefer a private location or another indoor venue, you would want to find several attractive locations and contact them individually to inquire about the cost to have your wedding at their facility. Additionally, you should ask about separate expenses for both the wedding and reception.

Beach Wedding

The Dress

The dress is a very important decision for most brides and we want it to be the perfect dress that makes us feel like a princess. Dresses can cost a small fortune, but there are ways to save money.

One option is to look for clearance or markdown sales at bridal boutiques. Just because it is marked down or on clearance, doesn't mean it's not beautifully perfect for you. One of my best friends is getting married in February and chose the most beautiful bridesmaids' dresses. They are gorgeous and I would totally wear it again if I had an appropriate occasion. The dress is being discontinued to make room for some undoubtedly less gorgeous new arrivals.

There is also the option of shopping at a bridal consignment shop. They specialize in bridal, so there will be plenty of selection. The dresses will still be in excellent-like new condition because the shop would not accept shabby merchandise. They do have a reputation to maintain!

You can also purchase a dress through an online retailer or marketplace such as Ebay. Ebay has many dresses to choose from. Sellers are motivated to be honest about condition and description because Ebay has a buyer protection policy. No worries! You will probably wear about two sizes larger wedding dress than you do in a regular dress. What a way to make a girl feel good! It would be a great idea to try on dresses at a boutique prior to purchasing online just to get your size. No need to worry about alterations since you will probably have to get them anyway whether your dress is brand new or used.


Flowers add a beautiful, elegant touch to any wedding and there are so many combinations to choose from. They can be very expensive and, unfortunately, their beauty doesn't last very long. A great deal of money can be saved by utilizing options other than a traditional florist. Some grocery stores have a floral department and their arrangements are far less expensive than a traditional floral shop. Another option is to engage the assistance of a friend or relative who is crafty and have them create your arrangements. If you buy the flowers yourself, you can save a bundle. Pinterest has tons of great ideas.

Flowers Arrangements With Roses

Decorations and Favors

Decorations and favors can be another large expense. Luckily, we have stores like A.C. Moore and Michael's to help lesson the blow. Together with our local craft store and Pinterest, we can save a load of much-needed cash. Enlist the help of those bridesmaids and other willing family members and friends.


Food is one of the biggest expenses. I have attended weddings that had finger foods, buffet style, and full-blown sit-down meals. Honestly, the food I personally most enjoyed was the finger foods. People like to eat, but they also like to move around, socialize and dance. Finger foods would save a lot of money, especially if you are having a larger wedding.


Photographer and Videographer

Pictures are expensive. Fortunately, there are so many options in photography equipment available to consumers. If you know someone who owns a nice-grade camera, it probably means they enjoy photography. If it's not a hobby, they are not likely to spend that much money on one. If it's a hobby, they are likely to be a descent photographer. Photography is art. Art is subjective to individual taste. Even if you get a professional, you will end up spending a ton and may not love every shot. That's why they take so many. You can ask your friend or relative and you could even offer to compensate them if you so desire. The same goes for videography.


Some of the most fun vacations I have ever had have been cruises. They typically happen to be less expensive per person, per night than other vacations. One reason is because they are all-inclusive. The price includes the room and food. You only pay for excursions and souvenirs. You also visit multiple countries or states in one trip. Booking in advance normally snags nice discounts. Carnival has an option called "Early Saver".

Using the aforementioned pointers will definitely help save money, but time can often become a constraint when you try to "do it yourself". That is why it is of utmost importance to have a strong support system. Don't be afraid to delegate. People who care about you want to help. Sometimes people actually feel left out if you don't ask them to do anything, so ask away!

No matter what you decide, the most important thing is is that you do what makes you and your fiance' happy. It's your day! Make memories to last a lifetime.


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