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Are Venezuelan the Most Beautiful Women in Latin America?

Updated on March 9, 2020
JC Scull profile image

JC Scull lived abroad working in international market development and taught international business relations and strategies.


Latin American Women are All Gorgeous but Venezuelan Women Win Beauty Pageants

Understanding that the title of this article will evoke grumbles from those who proclaim to be connoisseurs of female attributes, let's make the following clarification: Latin American as well as all women worldwide are amazingly sexy, sensual, alluring, erotic, amatorious and yes, ultimately beautiful.

However, it is also well known when it comes to winning beauty pageants, the Venezuelan women are the undeniable champions.

The term “beautiful woman” conjures multifaceted qualities substantially harder to describe than many of single dimensional compliments such as the ones described above. It is perhaps for this reason the “Big Four” international beauty pageants – Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss International – judge the women competitors based on poise, elegance, confidence, physical fitness and intelligence

The qualities these pageants seek in the women that come to compete for the title of the most beautiful, are varied and difficult to fulfill. Competitors must have a clear vision of how they will use their title in order to benefit themselves as well as others. They must show a desire to be a role model and advance women’s causes.

Pageant participants must also be intelligent and articulate with a clear sense of direction in their lives. They must show wit, hard work, personality, public speaking ability and they must be able to engage in debate. All of this while showing a great deal of sensitivity and compassion. And of course they must be physically beautiful in the eyes of the judges.

The two countries that have produced the most Miss Universe title holders are the United States and Venezuela with seven winners each. In the case of Miss World, again both countries are tied with six winners each.

However, when taking into consideration all four pageants, the indisputable overall winner is Venezuela with a total of twenty-three title holders. Eight winners at Miss International; six at Miss World; seven at Miss Universe; two at Miss Earth. This is an astonishing accomplishment for a developing country of less than 32 million inhabitants.

A lot has been written trying to decipher Venezuela’s formula for success. Some question whether the women in this Latin American country are truly beautiful or if there is something else at play.

A Way to Escape Poverty

Some people have claimed that in a struggling economy such as the one Venezuela is experiencing, young women use beauty pageants as a way to escape poverty. There seems to be a great deal of truth to this statement, especially considering that beauty competitions in this country are immensely popular and Venezuelan women see them as a path to careers in acting, modeling, journalism, even politics.

Additionally, as a response to the demand created by a large portion of the young female population who wish to compete in pageantry, an entire beauty mill industry has emerged. Hundreds of organizations countrywide known as “Miss Factories”, have been created that are made up of modeling and talent agencies surrounded by glamour boot camps, plastic surgery clinics, pageant coaches, competition gown tailors, cosmetic vendors as well as consultants.

Competition for these women comes at a high price as many contestants come from poor families who live below or close to the poverty line. Their families are often forced to take loans or mortgage their homes in order to finance the large monetary cost of creating a beautiful face and physique for their daughters.The additional ornaments, accessories, paid instruction on deportment and modeling etiquette add to the overall financial burden.

As any other women entering a modeling or acting career, they are susceptible to sexual harassment and exploitation. In fact, the Miss Venezuela pageant was recently rocked by a scandal involving aspiring contestants financing their efforts by finding wealthy men to pay for their expenses in exchange for sex. The ensued opprobrium, causing the pageant to be suspended and an internal investigation to be launched.

Tragedy Hits Beauty Queen After Escaping Crime


Gunman shot dead former Ms. Venezuela and her ex-husband in the South American nation in January of 2014. Monica Spear, 29 soap opera actress and Henry Berry 39, died in an attempted robbery on a highway in central Venezuela. She lived in the United States but went to her native country to visit relatives. Her dream of winning the Miss Venezuela crown allowed her to move out of the country and find a career. Unfortunately, the same crime she ran away from caught up with her.

Beauty Pageants and the Beauty Craze

In spite of scandal and the social media uproar, the TV viewership during the annual Miss Venezuela pageant continues to reach the millions as the country is held in suspense while the contestants parade on stage. As the country suffers from food shortages, the murder rate rises and medicine shortages are responsible for the early deaths of countless Venezuelans, this industry continues to dazzle the population. The allure of beautiful women in stiletto heels, sleek bikinis, extravagant gowns and jewelry continues to capture people’s imagination by fueling the dreams of little girls with parents who envision stardom and wealth.

But beauty pageants are only one dimension of the beauty craze. The women in Caracas as well as all other metropolitan areas are obsessed with their looks. Walk down any major city in Venezuela at any time of day or night, and you will see women perfectly manicured and pedicured. Wearing impeccable make-up, tight designer jeans with stiletto heels or sumptuous evening wear.

Women from all walks of life or socioeconomic levels will spend more than a month’s salary for designer clothing. These same women will go into debt for breast implants, a face lift, or liposuction. In fact, the demand for plastic surgery is so high, that banks offer attractive loans for the procedures. Ironically, one bank uses the advertising slogan that says: “Pon tu plástico en tu plástico” or “Have your plastic in your plastic”, as a way of enticing women to charge their cosmetic surgery to their credit cards.

Even plastic surgeons have become celebrities, as clients fly into Caracas from all over the world to be treated by the same physicians who have worked on famous beauty contestants or queens. As an added benefit, these clients pay reduced prices due to a struggling economy and a devalued Venezuelan bolivar.

A Dream Come True

A dream come true as beauty queen from slums is crowned Miss Venezuela
A dream come true as beauty queen from slums is crowned Miss Venezuela | Source

Girl from the Slums Becomes Miss Venezuela

A dream come true. The 2018 title of Miss Venezuela went to a woman from the country's biggest slums, proving to hundreds of thousands of girls and their parents a similar fortune could await them.

Her name is Isabella Rodriguez, 25, and is a resident of Caracas' largest impoverished area called Petare. As the home to well over half million inhabitants, Petare, is the kind of town where the average monthly wage hovers around $100 per month. Rampant crime, lack of medical services and food shortages have been increasing since the complete collapse of the Venezuelan economy some five years ago. Even prior to the implosion of the country's economy, Petare was not the type of area members of the police force would be venturing into, unless well armed and in large force.

In the Midst of Economic Crisis, Venezuela's Beauty Pageants are Popular

Venezuelan Up-And-Coming Contestants to Keep an Eye On


Keep an eye on these contestants. They will be working their way through the beauty pageant circuit and some will make it to the "Big Four." Maybe win one or two of those competitions.


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    • Rookery12 profile image


      7 months ago from Palakkad kerala india

      Like beauty pageant holders to be beauty and brains -because without brains some may be taken for a ride and considered quite a sucker-I am happy a beauty queen rita faria from india was miss world in 1966-upto them to pursue modelling or something else if both possible well and good-guess miss america is now 97 or 98.

    • JC Scull profile imageAUTHOR

      JC Scull 

      7 months ago from Gainesville, Florida

      Thanks Dana. Your comments hit the nail on the head. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      7 months ago from LOS ANGELES


      I was expecting to read an article on how beautiful Venezuela women are, and received an eye opening history lesson on beauty pageants. I knew families spent thousands of dollars on gowns and wigs and what-nots, trying to ensure their little girl won, but never would I have imagined plastic surgery!

      It appears there is a dark side to our pageants and, as usual someone benefitting off the desperation of others. What's so sad is no matter how far we've come the rich will continue to become richer off of the misfortunes of the poor. Whether it's offering plastic surgery or exchanging sex for a benefactor; it's a vicious cycle of predator and prey.

      Very enlightening article.

    • JC Scull profile imageAUTHOR

      JC Scull 

      7 months ago from Gainesville, Florida


      Totally agree with you in all the points you made. I couldn't have said it better.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      7 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Great article JC. I too noticed Venezuelan women, if not winning, seemed to always be in the top five finalists in almost all the beauty contests. I once thought, “is every woman in that country just naturally beautiful?” But now I know the reason. Personally I feel that these contests should be “cosmetic surgery free”..that is creating artificial beauty, where natural beauty should be judged. But that will never happen.

      Isn’t it funny how they say “gentlemen prefer blondes” but the majority of beauty contest winners have dark or brunette hair? Apart from Miss Americas I guess.


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