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Beauty Of An Indian Bride

Updated on June 6, 2016
From cckaiser
From cckaiser

Indian Bride

Each and every girl waits for her D-day the day when she will be tied in a beautiful bond of marriage and begins her life with a new start with her life partner. She not only spends life but also shares the smallest happiness and sorrow with her mate. And the wedding day is the most important day of her life.

The girl is pampered, loved, cared, beautified and is introduced to a new beginning. So every bride wants to look the best on her weeding day with the dressing, shoes, Bangles and right type of jewellery and applies Mehandi on her hands and feet.

Normally the bride’s father to fulfil the dreams of his daughter spends all his life long earnings and the mother takes care of the clothing’s and jewellery for this auspicious occasion. As India is a great country with various cultures and traditions, Wedding dresses are often based on the religion and cultural background of the bride and is always kept along with the bride for whole life for her good luck in new life.

Most of the Indian wedding sari is in red colour because it is the traditional colour of wedding sari. It also represents good luck and happiness to the newly married couple.

Normally the Bridal gowns in most of the places are in rich white colour but for Indians White wedding sari will represent mourning. Though the white sari is very rich and expensive you cannot wear in Indian weddings.

Some of the best options of bridal sarees are:
• Banarasi sarees with fine, hand woven exquisite zari work are the most popular Indian bridal dress.
• Rich Mysore silk sarees
• Pure Kanjivaram silk sarees is a typical South-Indian Bridal dress with a variety of color combinations and prints.
• Kashmiri embroidered bridal wear sarees have a very elegant look and get up. Its a common in the Marwaari community, gives a elegant look.
• The bridal sari is always beautified with awesome embroidery and embellishment work.


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    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 4 years ago

      Wow, red represents good luck in Indian culture ? That's the same as Chinese culture.

      Beautiful bride indeed.