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Becoming a Strong Woman Part 2

Updated on August 27, 2020
DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

Pastoral Counselor ordained Elder/Minister Ambassador at Alpha 7 Ministries M.A.Christian Clinical Counseling Certified in Creation Therapy

What does it take to be a Strong Woman

Within the context of the Bible there are many women who lived exemplary lives under strenuous conditions. They exude an excellent strength that allowed them to still keep their femininity enact yet be quite forceful. They kept there focus upon the Lord. No need to ever be confused about yourself as a woman.They continued to grow spiritually and make their mark in the world. Life without God is pointless. Know this; with God you can become a godly woman at any point in your life it is never too late!

For example; Miriam worked faithfully alongside of her brothers Moses and Aaron. Rahab was a harlot; gave up her promiscuous life to help the spies of peace and all that was in her household were saved! Esther although very beautiful was driven yet with integrity and tenacity, her perseverance under insurmountable odds saved her people. Deborah my namesake was an extremely discerning wise insightful judge & seer who a multitude of people came to for spiritual counsel & direction. Godly Spiritual Counseling is never about leading people away from God. One must be led by the Lord and conscious of His omnipresence.

It is always about providing godly insight to help others embrace who God is and who they are meant to be in the Lord. Deborah also led men into battle and helped to victoriously win that battle. She also had a very supportive husband Lapidoth who loved the Lord and fully trusted her. Jael, who was a woman in fact actually defeated Sisera. She smote him with a nail in the temple of his head. He was the commander of Jabin's army that pursued Israel. It was also the women who remained at the cross when Jesus was crucified and it was the women who were the first to actually bring forth and proclaim the “Good News Gospel” that Jesus had risen from the dead and was now alive!

There are many more strong godly women mentioned throughout the Word of God!

In order to know God personally a woman must have an ongoing relationship with Him! This involves daily commitment to His Word as well as times of stillness and solitude. One can enjoy social engagements on occasion, but it is crucial to spend quality time with Lord in His presence. Pondering and meditating upon His Word yields much insight and wisdom. Occasionally flicking through the pages of the Bible and pulling out a scripture or two will not do. Frequent emotional displays of impatience and an unruly tongue should not be embraced. You will need to take time to develop your relationship with the Lord! This will spare you much heartache. It will also bring much inner peace and discipline. Your relationship with the Lord is the most important relationship that you will ever have! Prayer keeps you connected to the Lord!

I am thankful for parents who loved and cared for me. For a Mother who taught me to be autonomous and strong in the midst of all my brothers yet ladylike. Not to fear anyone yet be meek and to be aware of God's Omnipresence. She raised me to know that women are different yet equal. That we can rise to the occasion to do whatever the Lord would have us to do. Strive daily to be the "Best You!" She taught me to be respectful and even instilled in me whenever she was called to be with the Lord if I was strong my brothers would have to also then be strong. She faithfully loved the Lord. She also taught me that God always loved me best and never to let anyone make me doubt that. They too should believe the same.

In this 21st century as a woman it is even more so important to keep your femininity in tact. Today too many men, women, boys and girls are confused about who they are... This should not be! Seek the Lord! God's principles for for man & woman have not and will not change. He created Man & Woman. To come together as Man & Woman.!

God knows right where you are; and He Loves you! One must commit to developing a quiet time with Him in order to contemplate and digest His Word and apply it to your life. It is at this time, as a woman you are able to develop a keen sense of who you are in Christ and then commit to living by the Truth of His Word. Yes, we live in the world and are to interact, socialize and fellowship with one another. But in order to grow in God's wisdom, grace and knowledge you must learn spiritual boundaries! In these "Latter Days" spending time with God is absolutely necessary to withstand the pressures of life. There are times you must isolate yourself from the world to spend quiet moments as well as extended time with the Lord to refuel and refresh yourself. During this time you become nurtured and insulated by His Holy Spirit.

Being a strong godly woman is inclusive of many things. It takes a strong woman to organize and efficiently run a household and or a business. To create an environment that is inclusive of spiritual development and enrichment, positive healthy safe family dynamics and fun and enjoyable activities for her husband and the family, as well as sometimes for neighbors, friends or workers to engage in and enjoy! Know that there is a significant difference between a strong godly woman and a strong worldly woman. Pray for discernment!

As a woman when the Lord Blesses you with a husband and children you learn to wear many hats. I am thankful to have also married a strong man of God who has integrity. He is creative, loving, intelligent, well-rounded and embraces and appreciates GOD and HIS WORD. It is important that you do whatever is necessary to create a loving, safe, warm consistent environment. Raising children as strong individuals requires dedication and sacrifice. Selfishness is not a characteristic of good mothers who properly and attentively nurture their children. Nurturing them while in the womb is important as well.This is in addition to all your other responsibilities... Your husband and children are or always should be a priority. LIfe is a precious gift from the Lord. You often think about everyone else before yourself. You want them to know that they can depend on you and you are accessible to them at all times. This helps them to feel secure!

We are thankful to have many shared precious memories in raising our children. I can say that I was always there for them... They knew that they were a priority. For this we are very thankful. When they were young I taught Piano and did Interior Design. I taught them piano as well.This gave me the room to continue to grow creatively right along with them... Healthy structure helps children know what to expect! It helps them to learn healthy boundaries. I am forever grateful to the Lord By the Grace of God; Our children never had to worry if we or one or the other would be there for them.

Our children were not raised by a village... (Neither of our mother's allowed us to be raised by a village as well.) Nor did we vicariously live through our children. We raised five independent thinking, loving, caring strong children who love the Lord. Raising children requires a lot... When we traveled they traveled with us. They have been involved in a lot of Ministry Outreach... We every now and then took an occasional weekend but then they were in the care of my Mother. (It was a breeze since I did not have to pack matching coordinating outfits for (7) seven for each day...) WOW!

The Lord let us know early on we would have to live out the very principles in which we spoke and talked about. We never could have done any of it without the Lord. I also realized when you have so many children you don't have time for much foolishness. You depend on the Lord to help You and you don't take it lightly... You learn to be strong and "as wise as a serpent, yet as harmless as a dove." Know God's Word is Alive! It is relatable in every aspect of our lives. There is nowhere you can go or nothing you can do, say or think that God is not aware of! He is Omniscient. This is another Blessing in disguise. You will learn to relate to people and things differently when you believe and trust God. You have to live out what you talk in front of your children. My children know that I did not disrespect my husband and he also always respected me and so did our close relatives...

It was not until after they became of age and on their own just my husband and I were able to travel extensively and see even much more of the world for extended periods of time. We have worked fervently in ministry... We professsed Christ Jesus as children and have been continually growing in HIs grace. We as well have taken many on tour... Sponsored artist, concerts at home and abroad, preached, proclaimed and taught the Word, provided counseling etc... After both of us being part of the Church all of our lives we grew up together... We thank the Lord for allowing us to take "Ministry Beyond and inside the Walls" as His Ministers, Elders and Ambassadors.

Time has brought about much change in this 21st century. Not everyone respects family values. There is much today within God's Church that is not of Him. "The Wheat an the tares are growing together..." Wheat closely resembles tares but it is NOT the same..." To know the difference; PRAY FOR DISCERNMENT! The Word of God is being fulfilled. This is why we see some of everything going on. In the world within families as well as within His Church! There are those who want to attach themselves to you to bring division... They are so used to confusion they seek to recreate it unconsciously and sometimes on purpose. Wanting to control but having very carnal attitudes.... Be Prayerful! There are many different family dynamics not everyone values the same things. Some good and some not so good. Make it a priority to embrace good healthy balanced spiritual family dynamics. It is important to share the same family values with your potential spouse.

Make it a goal to strive for what works best for your family. Don't try to be like someone else. God has a plan just for you. Be unique and stay on the Narrow Road. Yet remember; It is the road less traveled. As a believer, keeping God's principles should always be Your priority. I believe we are responsible for the children the Lord blesses us with and entrusts to us. It is an honor to be godly parents. Nothing that comes our way gets by GOD first! Therefore we always need to seek His directions first. The greatest legacy you can give your children is a genuine love for the Lord, your love and His Word. He will in His time supply you and them with whatever they may need... God always keeps His promises!

There is a vast array of pursuits for a woman nowadays. So pick and choose wisely. If you are not happy at work you must be conscious not to take it out on your children. Many careers allow you to flex work from home to the office. Not everyone can discipline themselves to do so. If your patience is short you want to consider other options. Yelling and screaming at your children all the time should not be... If you raise your children right you will learn not to be selfish but GOD CENTERED!

Many have too often put aside God, made their spouse & children secondary and conformed to the world’s ways. You can still have a career and raise your children in a healthy home. If you are single this may be your only choice. Don't just go to church. Be God's Church everyday. You will have to learn to trust the Lord even more so. You are a single parent because of your choices. God is more than able to help you still raise your children in a way that pleases Him.

While our children were young as I said before, I taught Piano and also did Interior Design. It helped me to be creative, keep a clean orderly home and work with all ages... It also gave me much insight to personality dynamics... This is also why to the Lord led me to Pastoral Counseling. I am forever grateful I had the flexibility to always be there for all of my family. Then later returned to college to further my extended education. We also started our own IT Consulting Corporation together You seek God for works best for you.

God is not a respecter of persons... You do not have to compromise godly principles. You can also run your own company. There are many reputable business opportunities. If you have been Blessed to have children it is important that you keep their well being a priority. Spendding time with them is must important. It lets them know that they are a priority. We are accountable to God for this. If you have not today is a good day to start. REPENT! Don't live in regrets. Change & start anew! This really will help them to become responsible independent nurtured adults. In an every changing world they need a "Solid Rock Foundation."

It is important to remember that we are SAVED by GOD'S GRACE! It is not by the works you do it is by HIS GRACE. It is because of HIS LOVE for us. Therefore know that GOD is there for you not matter what. He has given us Christ Jesus; His Living Word as a Personal Savior to help us not to allow sin to overtake us. You just have to invite Him into whatever is happening or not happening within your life. If you are not "SAVED" invite Him into your heart today. Don't allow sin to be at the forefront of your life. Confess any sin to THE LORD AND ACCEPT CHRIST JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOR! Having the Lord within your life will or make all the difference in the world the sooner the better. He had given us HIS PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT: His Comforter to lead and guide us to all TRUTH! THANK YOU HOLY FATHER!!!

You cannot change anything that has happened. But you can begin to go forward with the Lord now! No matter how old or young you are God has a place and a plan for you too! He knitted you together in your Mother's wound with purpose in mind for your life. It is up to you to seek Him daily to discover what it is.... I recommend not spending a lot of time in the midst of gossipers. Know this dulls your spiritual gifts and discernment. You can rightly rebuke or choose to ignore an offense. Always be willing to say face to face anything that you say about others to them... Be willing to humble yourself and apologize whenever necessary. Let no one make you bitter. Yes you must also learn how to "guard your heart!" Choose to strive and daily improve yourself.

We serve an Omniscient God. God created life for us to grow in His grace, learn and enjoy! Life is precious so take little time in or for foolishness. You never know when the Lord will call you home. Many ask can a woman do it all or have it all? Hmm that all depends. What do you mean by ALL! With God you have everything you will ever need. But not always at the same time. HE will provide a path for you to do the things HE has in HIS WILL l for YOU, however; ALL in HIS time. One must surrender to HIM! “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Each of us have been created with varying temperaments, all of us having both strengths and weaknesses. Self control is a virtue and lessens any weaknesses. You instead allow The Holy Spirit to rule and govern your mind. It matters lest what people say about you when you know GOD KNOWS YOU! Know there are some that will say some of everything. They will make many assumptions as well. So learn to be strong in the Lord! This is why we all need CHRIST JESUS as SAVIOR & LORD! We will forever need the Lord to guide our path. Let His Word become "A Lamp unto Your feet and a Light unto Your Path..." As we grow in His grace we ourselves and any weaknesses abate. We become strong in HIM! Self control rises to the forefront. "The JOY of the LORD is My STRENGTH" becomes or can be your theme! Spiritual growth naturally happens as you abide in Him! He has given us an inner Guide, His precious Holy Spirit! His Comforter is absolutely amazing. What is so wonderful about God, He says: “My Grace is sufficient for you, for MY STRENGTH is MADE PERFECT in weakness.”

What really is important in life is when the day is over and the stillness of night is upon you, are you content? When it's all quiet and still can you feel the presence of the Lord? Start and end the day with the Lord. Each day the Lord helps you to release what has been to Him and rise anew afresh and ready to go forth in Him. Life with God is beautiful even in the midst of storms... Do you feel that you are moving towards fulfilling your life’s destination? Don't allow others ever make you doubt who GOD is in your life once HE has revealed Himself to You... KNOW GOD and HIS WORD for yourself! GOD IS LOVE! Absolutely no one or nothing can separate you from GOD or HIS LOVE unless you let them...

In a godly marriage even the marriage bed is undefiled. Know that nothing is sacred to many...

We all are quite different, what works for one may not work for another. We each are unique like pieces of a puzzle no two alike. But God’s principles apply to all of us! That is just how utterly amazing the Lord is! Have you experienced the marvelous JOY that only comes from truly knowing the Lord! It brings much inner contentment and peace...


The LORD teaches us in HIS WORD, that we should be "One" in a godly marriage. Your marriage and your husband's well being should be a top priority. Make sure you marry somone who you respect and they repect you. Having a good strong loving relationship with your husband helps to strengthen your children. You should make it point to live out those vows you made to one another. Seek the Lord in every area of your life. Yes, you should love your spouse, family, friends and… I THANK GOD we share and prayer together as husband and wife and ministry partners.We have always enjoyed one another's company. We are strong together or apart.

Our love for one another continues to grow and lfourish. It takes a Strong man to lead a Strong woman. There is strength in submission especially when both are sbmitted to God. . It is wonderful to have a man who fully Loves & Trusts God. Who can stand firm upon HIS WORD without a doubt! You learn to be content in the forefront or the background... But as a woman of God you must also praise, worship and adore the Lord as well in your home. WORSHIP IS ALWAYS about GOD and who HE IS! Many are so busy in their place of worship that their home life has taken a back seat. A double life is not acceptable with the Lord. This should not be. “God should get Center priority everywhere in everything!” Everyday; should be a day of Honor, Worship, Thanks & Praise to the LORD!

God has placed a void in all of us only He can fill! You can become “like a tree that is planted by the rivers,” you can stand strong when you are rooted in Him! Bad things do happen to good people! But, you are able to go through with Him and help others to go through as well. Learn to be careful and cautious. Some will say and do just about anything not really realizing that GOD REALLY IS OMNISCIENT! You do not have to impose yourself upon others. Some will be receptive to you and some will not. Don't fret! When you are among people who always misunderstand you learn to; "BE STILL & KNOW!"

Persecutions, trials, tribulations and misunderstandings are a part of life. They stretch us! Know people will misunderstand you. But, one can still be of good cheer! Be sincere NEVER look or seek for the approval of a man or woman over the APPROVAL OF GOD! STAND ALONE UPON HS WORD WHENEVER NECESSARY. Always be aware in the midst of a crowd or congregation. Some of everything is going on everywhere and worship is no longer excluded, nor is it sacred to many. During these "Perilous Days" we must stay prayerful and ready. Many subscribe to "group think." They will go along with the group in lieu of the Holy Spirit! "God is not the Author of Confusion!" The Lord always knows and understands where we all are coming from... He is always everywhere we are. I can truly say I never feel alone for I know without doubt the Lord is with me/us. I Thank the Lord daily for HIS OMNIPRESENCE!

Having the Lord in your life truly brings an indescribable abiding Joyous inner Peace from knowing that Jesus has overcome the world for us! "GREATER IS HE that is within us than he that is in the world..."

Traveling is a wonderful experience that can expose you to different lifestyles and cultures. It will help to broaden your perspective and give you valuable insight. It goes far beyond your local community... You learn to be content wherever you are because you know that God is always with you! Don't let people put you in their little box. The Lord's creation is astounding and vast. Realizing that everywhere you go God is with you, you become more aware of and appreciate His marvelous handiwork all about you! He releases you from conforming to man. Instead through the unction of His Holy Spirit, He transforms and renews our minds as we embrace the TRUTH of HIS WORD!

This world is God's magnificent creation spoken into existence through Christ Jesus. If you can't travel then take a nice scenic drive and really enjoy what you see that reminds you of the goodness of God. Pray as you go along the highway and as you are amidst people everywhere. Take an online virtual tour. You can even take a mall walk and notice the myriad of people and plethora of cultures; just enjoy being alive! Make it a point to be aware & all throughout your day; "Pray without ceasing..."

Today, one can travel and communicate all over the world and never leave their home or office. Make it a priority to welcome the presence of the Lord in your home. Our world is on a slippery slope going through many transitions. “The grass is not always greener on the other side.” It remains green wherever it is watered and consistently attended and maintained. Being religious and being spiritual are not the same. Know True; "Security and Significance" can really only be found in the Lord! GOD IS THE ONLY ABSOLUTE!

Commit to being the same person you are at Church at home, school and at work. Meaning don't act like you live for GOD in front of others. Of course you can express your love more freely within your home. Always be aware of your surroundings. When not at home you must be more cautious of course. Love should freely abound within your home even more because your family knows you... Always be real with God! Everything you will ever want or need is possible through Him! Know God is not a genie at your command. He always deserves our respect. everywhere we are or go He is there! You do not have to become dull or uninteresting or give up having healthy wholesome fun. Quite the contrary!

You can age gracefully always striving to be the “BEST YOU,” No one can be a better you than you! So don't worry when you are rejected... God has created each one of us with a plan and purpose in mind. He did not make us to be robots or to become somebody else's puppets. God does not want "Coward Soldiers" It is a choice to pursue life His way, do your own thing or the world’s way! Study Proverbs 31 and take note of the integrity and character of the "Virtuous Woman." There is much here to learn, embrace and cherish. God's Word will always withstand the tests of time. It's alive!

At some point you may need to perhaps take time and get away from it all. A vacation or retreat is good. Wherever you go remember you represent the Lord. Always make it a priority to draw close to the Lord. It is important from time to time to take a personal inventory to see just where you are in your walk with the Lord! Don't get pulled into the latest trends. Develop your own style. Classic style in some segments of society is appreciated. Today the Church often takes their cues from the world... Not Good! Yes, You should see continual progress of growing in His Grace! There are fewer travelers on the "Straight & Narrow Path!" Remember you should also set aside some quiet time “To BE STILL and KNOW” Put yourself in check! You don't want to become stagnate.

Ask yourself? Are you growing spiritually? Are you bogged down by the pressures of life? Are you conforming to what everyone else expects of you? Remember; Don't go along with the crowd to be accepted. Go along with the Word! Are you consumed with everyone else's life and don’t have one of your own? Do you seek the approval of others above the approval of God? Have you simply gotten into a ritualistic rut? Are you on a fast track that is taking you to a destination that someone else wants you on or designed for you? Allow the LORD to silence the doubters...

Are you faithfully keeping the embers burning within your marriage? Marriage is sacred in the eyes of God! Singles are you staying close to the Lord until…? Are you at peace or are you constantly stressed? Are you over eating or under eating... Are you being the “Best You?” I realize that there are many things going on in life. It can be overwhelming with all the “stuff” going on about us in the world! To some degree we all have been impacted. But you have to make a point to not let it get you down. Nor to just roll along and let life happen.

Are you depressed? If you are you must change your focus... If you are depressed you must begin to learn to let that inner passive anger or rage; GO! It's may be hard for you. But it is not hard for GOD! Let the Lord calm the agitations of your soul! Pull from your memory chest of "GOOD TIMES!" (I am not taking about carnal minded activities) I mean good wholesome healthy fun. This is how you stay consistent and balanced. If you don't have many to remember, make some NOW! Begin to practice Shifting your Focus to God. Give Him His rightful place in your life; NOW! Don’t let life just pass you by and not find some time to enjoy it. God our Father, Creator and Maker really does have it all under His control!

Spending quality time with God will always help point you in the right direction. It will do wonders for your prayer life. Prayer is not always verbal. Nor is it for show. "Praying without ceasing" is a cognizant state of mind. You should pray all throughout your day. God is more interested in the posture of our hearts rather than if we are keeling, standing walking or laying prone flat. You become aware of God’s Omnipresence wherever you may be. Prayer is communicating with God, prayer also involves being still and listening. Pray for and also with your spouse! Pray for your children, family, friends and GOD'S CHURCH. Pray for your desired future spouse? Pray for your pastor, ministers/clergy, our government and this world!

Be prayerful and mindful whenever you "Lay hands" on someone! The WORD even tells us not to lay hands on no man/woman suddenly. Some times you may Or will have to pray for at a distance.

As a woman of God eternal life is an absolute certainty. “For It is by GRACE you have been saved, through FAITH and this is not of yourselves. It is a GIFT from GOD not of works.” Ephesians 2 The Word of God has power to strengthen and renew your mind. Knowing, believing and implementing His Word daily in your life is key. The Lord will teach you how to guard your heart and He will also multiply the Fruit of His Spirit within you. Self control is part of the Fruit of His Spirit Your emotions and actions can & will be transformed by the power of His precious Holy Spirit! Remember, God does have a purpose and plan for you! He Loves you and HIS Love lasts through Eternity. GOD'S LOVE is inspiring and invigorating. It also corrects us. With God at your side you can be a Confident, Loving, Strong woman of God. This is a lifelong process and we are “forever becoming!


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