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Been A Virtuous Woman

Updated on April 15, 2016

A virtuous woman is a woman with a high moral standard. A woman of good character, who always respects her husband. she is a hardworking woman, she takes good initiative to do things and does not wait to be reminded before doing them. She does not shut her doors to poor people but is always willing to help. She does not maltreat her house maid or even in-laws. she is a good manager who knows how to use little to create larger quantities. She is not an extravagant person but a prudent spender. She is very kind and full of wisdom. She is a good listener and a good teacher who teaches her children the right way to grow.

A virtuous woman is a submissive woman who does not challenge the authority of her husband no matter what the case may be. She is a blessing to her husband. The Qualities of a virtuous woman are listed thus:

* Diligence: A woman who is diligent in her work always reap good reward, diligence will promote you and not demote you. When you are hardworking, you will always make sure that your home is neat and your children is also neat. Your husband will appreciate you the more and his love for you will grow more and more seeing how hardworking you are. No husband will love a lazy wife. If you want to win your husband heart, show him that you can organize your home properly, cook his favorite food always. There is a saying that the easiest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Give your husband what he likes eating and he will give you whatever you ask him. it is so simple but it takes diligence to be able to coordinate the affairs of your home and your work place at the same time.

* Wisdom: It is defined as the right application of knowledge. Knowing what to do or say at any particular point in time is very important. A woman full of wisdom of wisdom and understanding will always take good care of her family. She knows what to do and how to do it. She knows when to talk and how to talk. She had a better understanding of how to handle every ugly situation that comes her way for example, when a man is under pressure from work or business, he may not always think straight and easily gets offended at any little misunderstanding. He may transfer some of his frustrations on his wife and children.

Wisdom demands that you ought to be more caring, more accommodating and more loving at such times. She should be able to know the right word to use because a good word to a broken heart is highly medicinal. How many times have you brought business ideas to your husband? How do you solve your domestic problems when he is not around? Do you wait for him to come back before taking initiative to do things? Every husband loves an intelligent, creative, understanding and wise wife. Earn you husband respect by exhibiting a high level of intellectual capability. You need wisdom to handle and manage your in-laws especially your mother-in-law. The truth is that she is the mother of your sweet husband and must be respected. When you are in terms with your mother-in-law, your husband will love you the more. With wisdom, you will sense when trouble is coming and then try to prevent or avoid it.

So it is better to talk less. One of the weaknesses of women is their mouth, they talk too much. Most men beat their wives not because of what they did but their response when being confronted. When you have the fear of God in you, God will then teach you his wisdom. Also wisdom comes from people you associate with. Who are your friends? There is a popular saying, "show me your friends and I will tell you who you are". Your friends will either make or mar you, therefore choose wise friends and learn from them. A wise friend is a good companion and a good adviser.

Women who talk too much are fools. A good friend is one who is not idle because an idle mind is the devil's workshop. Never make friend with people who are easily offended or provoke and are always angry because anger lies in the bosom of fools. If you are not learning anything good from your friend and she equally does not want to learn from you or take your honest advice, then that friendship is not meant to be. People who do not impact positively in your life or marriage he or she should not be your friend. May your friend not be the reason you are having problems with your husband. Let your friend be a solution provider, a problem solver, a peacemaker and a pacesetter. Another way to get wisdom is by reading the bibles and giving your life to Christ. It is therefore pertinent and mandatory that you acquire knowledge on how to live happily in your marriage.

* Prudence: A prudent person is one who is careful and calculative in spending. A woman who does not spend all her money but will always make provision for tomorrow is a good manager. You don't have to buy whatever you want whether there is enough money or not. if you are fashion crazy, you will not be able to save for tomorrow and your husband will not love you the way he should. Be modest in spending and don't waste your husband hard earned money on frivolities. Don't allow your friends to influence you into buying what will create problem in your home.

it is not compulsory that you celebrate your child's birthday if there is no money. Do not do things because you see others doing them especially when you do not have the capacity to do so. Be a good economist in your home and your husband will entrust many things. Be proactive and don't constitute a waste in your family. She who manages little faithfully will be given the opportunity to manage much. Prove to your husband that with little money you can cook a delicious meal and take care of your household needs. You don't have to buy from the boutiques or the supermarkets. if the money is small, you can buy from the open market at cheaper rates. if you are not extravagant, you will get whatever you want from your husband.

* Submission: is also one of the greatest weapons you can use to win in your home. it means being selfless, it entails total obedience, it requires complete patience and humility, it means being a fool at times in order to allow peace to reign. When a wife is submissive to her husband, she obeys him without complaining or questioning his decision. She does not challenge him in any way neither does she oppose his decision. she does not claim that she knows all or that she knows more than her husband. A submissive wife is a good listener who always give ear to what her husband is saying without turning her back on him. she sees and treats her husband as a king.

A submissive wife will always receive favor from her husband. When you see and treat your husband as a king he will also see and treat you as a queen. The more submissive you are to your husband, the more he will love you, and the more he loves you, the sweeter your marriage will be.

In conclusion, when your husband married you, he was in love with you and after some time, the love will either grow or diminish. You need to nourish the love so that it will continue to grow and one of the ingredient needed to nourish love is submission. Be submissive and win your husband heart..


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