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Relationships, Problems and Solutions.

Updated on November 23, 2014


Many relationships including your choice not to have a committed relationship have its problems. Your reasoning for not having a committed relationship warrants respect and understanding. Maybe you want to complete a project and having a committed relationship at this time would be a challenge because of distractions. This is why honesty is so important when you initially begin a relationship, inform him/her of your decision to have a non-committed relationship and you're searching for someone of like mind. It's much easier if you both know the expectations of each other and have that in common. It will not be fair for either of you to begin a committed relationship if neither of you is ready. However, seek out the same qualities in your mate for that singles relationship as you would in a committed relationship. I call committed relationships the "we relationship" and the singles relationship the "I relationship'. All types of relationships from parents- to siblings- to platonic deserve the same respect and understanding. Relationships can be challenging no matter how well you feel you know them. Sometimes we develop relationships and not realize that we've begun a non-suspecting relationship, for example a co-worker, an innocent relationship, but nonetheless a relationship. Your "singles relationship" is just another form of relationship that has to be respected and understood. Do the same reactions apply to each other's gestures or actions in a "singles relationship" as in a committed relationship? I think they are not the same because of our understood relationship status "singles life vs. committed relationship". We test, we accept, we conquer.


Reactions take on a different perspective according to the type of relationship such as " Singles Life Relationship vs. Committed Relationship. By reactions I mean the reaction one portrays when faced with a dilemma such as trust. While we want to be respectful to ourselves and our non-committed partner and present ourselves as decent human beings, In a non-committed relationship we can't expect our partner to succumb to probing questions because our non-committed relationship defies questioning. While this may seem a little harsh, I have to remind you of our agreed upon non-committed relationship. However we need relationships. Business relationships; platonic relationships, romantic relationships, singles life relationships or committed relationships.


The journey from "Singles Life Relationship" to "Committed Relationship". Your single life journey may possibly lead to a committed relationship. Hopefully, your single lifestyle afforded you the knowledge that it will take to transition. A committed relationship could develop into a marriage relationship. Then comes parenting relationship then comes parent to offspring relationship. Now we have several relationships under one roof 24/7 - 365 days a year except for leap year. There is one common denominator, Respect!! If you respect other's outlook on certain circumstances or beliefs we will effectively create a respectful relationship. You can advise or produce your own personal experiences, but its ultimately up to the receiving party to choose their path. In the meantime, we will become a nuclear family, love our bloodline and be happy. The journey from the Singles Life Relationship to Committed Relationship to Nuclear Relationship is the ultimate milestone. You're now a nuclear family that will prepare for this family's future making history, building traditions, storing memories, telling and keeping secrets. The transition from the single life to a nuclear family left a trail of steps for your memoirs. You wouldn't have gotten this far if you hadn't done something right. You're fortunate in that you have captured so much of our existence and your own interpretation and/or recipe on how we got here.Time describes our journey from then to now with wide-eyed wonder of just how beautiful were the roads we've travelled. Tough made it tender, sadness made it happier and rough made it smooth for that journey from then to now. Thanks Life. I got it!! Love you so that you can love me.

Webster's dictionary describes love as "an intense feeling of deep affection" or a "deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone". When you have conquered those feelings then you know how to respect and appreciate. To love and being loved is a special connection.


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