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Beginning Wedding Planning

Updated on May 5, 2016

It goes without saying that a wedding requires a lot of planning, whether your big day is to be the event of the decade or a simple gathering of your nearest and dearest. So before you start signing contracts, writing checks and making decisions, create a plan.

An easy way to plan for your big day is to buy a steno notebook or a legal pad and devote each page to a different aspect of your wedding. Carry that notebook around with you for weeks, jotting down notes anytime they come to your mind, before you make any decisions that cannot be reversed.

Getting Your Hubby-To-Be Involved

Once you’ve been charting your notes for awhile, sit down and review them with hubby-to-be. His take is important, too! If you are paying for your wedding on your own, as many modern couples do, ensure that your plans are in line with your budget. If mom and dad are helping, don’t start spending their money before knowing how much is available. Your dad might call you Princess, but his accounts may shout Cinderella!

Wedding Budgeting

And speaking of budgets: draw one up now! Some couples just use the method of “pay as you go,” but this can be very dangerous and result in spending far more money than originally intended. Even if you will pay for portions of your wedding in increments, plan it out ahead of time. If you find yourself having more money to spend as time goes by, by all means adjust your budget – but don’t plan for money that may not be there to spend, as the result could be cutting details from your wedding at the last minute.

Bridal Planning

While planning, keep in mind that nothing is impossible and everything has a price. Think something can’t be done? Forget it! There are amazing resources available to make almost any dream come true – and many affordable alternatives to help you get to your big day without visiting a bankruptcy court along the way.


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