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Behavioral Manifestation of a Woundedness Person

Updated on May 26, 2015
pain via morgueFile
pain via morgueFile | Source

Personality Development

Pain is always accompanied by restlessness and may prolong and leads to anxiety and even suicidal issues. In our imperfect society, lots of bad schemes seems to be roaming around. There are plenty of flying stones and if you will not be brave and cautious enough you may get hit and fall.

Psychology had pointed several problems and products of being rejected. Being love is the sweetest part of life but in opposite being hated seems to be a curse. Here are some of the effects and the result of being wounded emotionally.

1. Identity Crisis - It occurs when a person's adolescence stage was not built strong. Teenager seeks for self definition and if a person is exposed to an unhealthy environment there is sure to be confusion

2. Offender Behavior- It is an abusive behavior from abusive envy. You felt that someone stole your beloved person so you seems to be harsh and seek for revenge.

3. Narcissistic Disorder – the state of being too self -absorbed, selfish and inconsiderate. You become self centered without any care to anyone else just yourself

4. Acting in /Acting out Disorder – it is a way of displaying anger and aggression all over time

5. Magical Beliefs- beliefs of changing the reality, thinking of out of this world, emotional fantasy which pleases ones emotion in order to be fine. He started to hallucinate and think skeptical things.

6. Intimacy dysfunction- it is the difficulties in social and intimate relationship mainly revolve on the trust of the broken person

7. Non-Disciplined behavior- it is the difficulties in self control and impulses.A mood disorder that makes simple things worst uncontrollably.

8. Addictive / Compulsive behavior- it is the difficulties with addiction and fixation. bad habits become habitual in order to fulfill once necessities that triggered harm to her/his own slef

9. Thought distortion- It is the irrational beliefs and distortion of reality. Self aberration which leads on hurting oneself

10. Emptiness, apathy and Depression – After those torment it will lead to a point that you feel empty and worthless. You want to die cause you feel your not important anymore and no one loves you.

Did you already experienced being rejected by the person whom you really cared most?

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    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Thank you jklahlou for the very kind advices I really appreciate it because I am just starting here. I will gonna look for that. :-)

    • jklahlou profile image

      jklahlou 4 years ago

      You could also add about 'attachment' to parents in childhood, which if maladaptive, causes relationship problems in the future.

      Check the meaning of "lingered", it was sometimes used out of context.

      In my personal opinion, I don't like religious things out of its own context.

      Keep up the good work.