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Behind her smile

Updated on June 3, 2012

10 years ago, I met a girl whose story really affected me. She always smiled and her personality was adorable. But there was much more to her..

So I was 17, and I suffered with constant headache and fainting. My GP couldn't find out what is causing it so I ended up in the hospital. Just for 2 weeks.

I was worried, but after the first day, I started loving it there. I met so many amazing people. My favourite was a guy who looked like Gerard Depardieu.

Other than that, I also became friends with two girls, who were about 30 years old. Lisa and Lucy. They both were from a little town nearby.

I spent hours and hours talking to one of them, let's call her Lisa.

I was a real teenager and I certainly wasn't happy. I often found myself thinking about my purpose and I suffered with depression.

Lisa's presence made me so calm, and relaxed.

At some points in our lives, we all meet someone, who is just not a very nice person. Someone who always moans, and even if his child gives him a chocolate, he will say, that he doesn't like that brand. Someone miserable, who we open the door for. And lock it behind him.

Lisa was the complete opposite. Bubbly, spontaneous, funny, and her good mood was contageous. She never complained. While everyone else was making fuss over their plain lunch, Lisa was telling us jokes.

One day, Lisa and me sat outside, and had our usual long chat. This time, it was a little different. We had known each other couple of days, and I think we both felt that we could trust each other.

We started talking about our lives, our past, our families.

What I learned in my life is that people who seem like the happiest people, usually go through lots of bad experiences.The same goes for Lisa.

Her life story was like one that you would read in the magazine.

She was born to a normal family. She lived with her mum, dad and her younger sister.She lead a simple life like other kids. She loved ballet and dreamt about being a successful dancer when she grew older.

When she was 12, she started learning about boys. She was looking forward to her first boyfriend, her first kiss and everything what love involves. Until one night. When her own dad raped her.

He held her so she couldn't scream... She fought but he won... That night was the worst night in her life. She was scared of her dad. He was stronger than her..and much stronger than her mum or her little sister.

She told her mum the next day. But her mum didn't believe her. Kids have big imagination she said. And just let it go, without being bothered too much.

Unfortunately Lisa didn't make this up and there were much more nights like that coming. Her dad was threatening her, that he will do the same to her baby sister if she talks about it. So Lisa kept quiet. She never talked about it again. Her mum wouldn't believe her anyway. And if your mum doesn't believe you, than who does?

That continued for 3 years, until Lisa's mum and dad separated. Lisa, hes sister and mum moved in with her grandma, not very far from her dad. The nights finished when they left. However, sometimes she met her dad in the shop or in the pub. He always smiled and pretended to be the best father ever born.

While Lisa talked about this terrible experience, the other girl joined us. Lisa's body was shaking with every painful word she said.We all shed many tears. Lucy's reaction was that everyone in the town knew that Lisa's family was different. People were talking about them as being weird. And the kids didn't seem very happy. But she would never think this was happening....

That's in the past, but then Lisa wondered why none of the adults who gossiped about her family, didn't knock on their door. Or talk to her.

That's the way it was...

Yet again, people proved to care about other people only by talking badly behind their back.

And Lisa? That time, she was 29, she was happily married, and had a cute baby boy.

Her dad died when she turned 25. She wasn't sad. She didn't feel relieved. She said she felt completely nothing. Her dad died long time ago...Or has she ever had a dad? She doesn't want to remember.


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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Tragic and all-too familiar a story I'm afraid. Thank you for bringing this to light; maybe it will help others.