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Behind abuse relationships

Updated on April 11, 2016

We all think of Abusive Relationships and we think bruises and blackeyes, we don't think of it as a reality we live in. We hear about it on news, we see it on television but when its happening to us we choose not to see it. We choose to accept it as part of relationships because it's easier than admitting the truth. There's different types of abuse such as emotional abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse and mental abuse. Read these symptoms based on real experiences and find out if your in an abusive relationship.

Physcial Abuse is where there is physical violence involved, hitting punching Pushing and even serious aggression such as strangling, hit with heavy objects and threats of death. 'I will kill you next time' or 'I'm going to kill you'. These threats should be taken very serious and never ignored.

Verbal abuse is name calling, nasty remarks, comments, putting you down for example 'no one else will want you' ' you fat waste of space'. You could be getting dressed and get told how awful you look, how scruffy you are. This is what the abuser does to take your self esteem away, put you down and make you feel worthless. It could be manipulated into 'joking' or 'Banter'.

Emotional abuse and mental abuse are worse in terms of your mental state. This is when the abuser plays mind games and manipulates you to thinking it's all your fault. You make him do the things you do, its not his fault it's yours. Everything will become your fault and soon enough it will progress into more serious mental abuse. They will withdraw sex, love, affection. Tell you yesterdays events didn't happen make you question yourself going crazy rather than them. Once this stage has begun its vital to get out before you lose your sanity. You've already been isolated from your family friends , had your confidence took so the effect is long term.


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