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Being Chessy

Updated on April 17, 2011

I love you.

How many times did I tell you that? I cannot even count nor remember. Yes, what I feel for you is more than those words can encapsulate. 

Those three words even deride what I feel for you.

But I keep saying it. It’s addictive to say that to you.

No, let me be corrected, it’s not the words that is addictive, it’s the smile that glimmer upon your lips whenever you hear those words from me, that dimple in your face that surfaces whenever you smile, those Chinese eyes that disappear whenever you beam, and…yes, that pinch on my nose that follows the reddening of your face.

I love you….so much.

So much that may heart aches whenever I think of you.

Every night, I longed for your hugs, your hands that wrapped upon me, the warm breath of yours upon my neck, that sweet fragrance of your hair that lull me to sleep, and those sleepy eyes that bids me goodnight. 

Tears may fall upon my pillow every night.

I am brave…and so I thought.

But life is not the same without you by my side.

Life is not life without you, without me feeling the softness of your palm upon my palm, without your face I always gape upon as you sleep in a peaceful slumber, without you cuddled by my side as I rise each day.

Tonight, I shall try to sleep again.

It is summer here. But night has no warmth at all if devoid of you. 

Days are nothing but chilling hours that freezes thy mind and thy heart. 

I shall try to catch you in my dream.

I shall try to catch those magical feeling of peace and ease that you always vests upon me by your existence. 

And so I shall pray…visit me on the gardens of my dreams.

Let be the butterfly that flatters its magnificent wings.

Let those wings spread a little golden sunshine upon my otherwise gray skies…so that at least in my dreams, I shall smell the true fragrance of the flowers that nurture’s one’s inspiration and the colors of the rainbow that make my sky bright. 

Hug me upon my sleep and please bring me a ray that shall warm my chilly mornings as I rise upon my forty winks.

Be with me always on my journey. For I know that if you are with me, even failure became the sweetest victory, for even pain becomes the inspiration that braves one’s heart, for even trials became a challenge of the lightest moments, for even tears becomes laughter.

Lastly, shower me of that smile and bathe me of those disappearing eyes. 

And oh, before I forgot, One pinch on my nose to go please….then,
my day is complete.


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