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Being Civilized With An Ex

Updated on April 14, 2014

So Many people think that once you break up with someone you have to cut off all ties. They feel that if you didn't make it as a couple than you can't be friends. That isn't always the case. When you stop dating someone you don't have to be enemies.

If you love someone and the more longer you were together, it will be hard to be friends. That does not mean you can't be friends. What you both have to do is agree to be friends. It all depends on how tough the break up was.

If that person wants you back and hurt you talk to that person about it. Tell him or her how you feel and that you were hurt. Don't jump right back in a relationship with that person. If they hurt you once there is a good chance that they will hurt you again.

If being friends is hard try to be civilized. Say "Hi, bye," and sooner conversation might be easier.

It is possible to be civilized and friends with an ex. You never know this person could end up being your best friend or there is a chance for you to rekindle something down the line. Sometimes it is all about timing. What didn't work out in the past can work out in the future, if both people changed and are willing to make it work.

Are you civilized with any of your ex's?

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    • Greg Dean profile image

      Greg Dean 3 years ago

      As I get older and go through these relationships, I have come to perhaps an odd conclusion that the only element that separates a relationship from a friendship is simply the sex.

      Provided that one is not betraying the other and destroying trust and rapport, I agree, friendships with an ex is easy

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Certainly not an easy thing to do. I know from experience. If there are kids involved, though, it is the only way to handle a divorce. Nice job!