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Being Cocky and Egoistic - It's TOTALLY fine

Updated on June 19, 2013
The path you took is the trail that took you to success
The path you took is the trail that took you to success

The road you took..

The road you took to be who you are right now definitely has a story. You probably have a story of your own to tell. Perhaps about how you managed to get buff and ripped with hard work and dedication, perhaps about how you managed to get that dream job you were working so hard for, perhaps you got that hot new girl in college and now all of a sudden people look at you and say "Man he's gotten cocky and stuck up!" "Man he's being arrogant!". Well I'm hear to say that those mere words of hatred are nothing but compliments. Yes, Compliments. Let me tell you why.

An example of what people 'come up with' judging by the cover
An example of what people 'come up with' judging by the cover

This society is filled with two kinds of people. The kind who hates on things and the kind who lives carefree and independent. These haters basically sit on their backsides waiting for people to advance forward in their lives and to start some rotten tale about them or simply a rotten comment behind their backs. Let me tell you something about yourself.

Haters gonna hate, But I'm not gonna let myself deviate

You went through months, years or maybe even a decade full of dedication, hard work and patience to get what you have right now. Or maybe even a few mistakes in life or a few barriers in life that you jumped over made you who you are right now. You went through something to be who you are right now and that's a fact. These so called haters who call other people 'cocky' 'stuck up' and 'egoistic' don't know your story, Ironclad. They probably don't even knock who you really are in a deeper level. All they do is judge on the cover and that, they always do.

Haters gonna hate but I'm not gonna let myself deviate
Haters gonna hate but I'm not gonna let myself deviate

It's okay to be cocky if that's who you are. The Iron Clad Unit strongly believes in the phrase "Don't change yourself to fit in with people. Be who you are and the right people will fit in". Some people can't accept the fact that you achieved something, Some people can't move on from the fact that you are ahead of them. They just can't sleep at night knowing that you are at a better place in life and you are having the time of your life. Ignore them, Iron clad.

Cocky but Charming

There's a line you draw when it comes to being cocky. There's a fine border where a person can be very confident and cocky but very charming. This is due to the ability of the person to mix qualities together to end up with a very fun and outgoing personality. Confident but helpful, Cocky buy funny, Self Righteous but caring, Different but mysterious. The perfect combination.

A little advice from Coach Corey Wayne

With achievements comes attitude

It's true. You are now a world renowned businessman or simply a ripped beast with rock hard abs, Can you even expect yourself to be a goofy and immature character who fools around with that kind of achievement? NO. Achievements means Progress. Achievements mean moving up in life. That means it's natural for a person to move up with their personality or attitude toward life as well. It's OKAY to have a little attitude and steadfast alpha-traits. This only makes you look better and smart to the right people! Haters will continue hating for the rest of their lives. Period.

Treating people right and being social

Being down right cocky in a rude way and having an attitude with a great personality is two different things. I accept, there are people who have achieved nothing in their lives but they seem to be cocky and stuck up. Let me tell you, Don't judge them. They probably have their own story to tell and it's not our part to judge by the way they behave.

Treat people right, Treat your friends right. After all they are what you got in life. Treat and care for your family members with respect and gratitude for what they have done. They are the only people left when everyone walks out. Treat your man/woman right, He/She is who you can truly trust and he/she always believes in you. Cultivate these qualities and you can immediately be considered alpha instead of 'cocky' and 'stuck up' by the right people.


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