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Being Confident and Fitting in

Updated on November 14, 2011

It's tough trying to fit in. When you are in High School the mean and popular crowd can be a cruel crowd. If your not in it, it can be hard. You can be labeled and it can even ruin your self-esteem.

You can go off to college and try to hide behind nice clothes and always trying to impress people. No matter what you will always wonder if people like you or if they are being phoney.

Nice things may make us happy but if we want to truely be happy we must first be happy with ourselves. We must surround ourselves by people who are positive and caring. Who you surround yourself determines your outcomes. We also must be friends with ourselves.

If your not happy with who you are, than how could you expect other people to like you?

Take small steps. Write a list of things you like about yourself. Admitt your flaws and try to work on them. No one is perfect. True friends will accept us and not tear us down.

Today when you get up and get ready to go out in the world, take a look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Tell yourself that you are amazing and that people can like you. Then wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and all through the day believe that good things are comming to you and that you deserve to be treated right and happy.


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    • wixor profile image

      wixor 5 years ago

      I liked this article. It is indeed difficult to fit in! Perhaps the answer lies in working out what it is that you want to fit into, as you suggest!