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Being Single While Studying in College - Boon or Plague?

Updated on July 21, 2017

The society remains divided on many issues and one area that the response is never universal concerns relationships. Whether in the school or the community, people always advise differently on this matter depending on the parties involved as well as the context. However, if the focus remains when a person is studying, there are many benefits of being single at such a critical time. However, it is not entirely ruling out that relationships are not in any way productive since there are also numerous benefits of dating while in college. Rather, it is remaining objective to the primary purpose as to why a person went to study.

In a school / college setup, the environment is in a way that the students can have ample time and the best environment for studies. It is about having the right facilities to enable the students to excel. In comparison, the impact of a relationship towards learning doesn’t help in any way to promote the efficient learning environment for the students; therefore, the best way to ensure there is no compromise to learning is by avoiding it. Again, even if falling in love is one of the dominant aspects for the teenagers and adolescents, it is possible to prevent the pressures and concentrate on studies.

On the other hand, a relationship entails having a partner who demands a significant proportion of the available time for learning. Indeed, it is a time-consuming function where much concentration goes off; therefore affecting smooth learning. In concurrence to that note, an education institution arranges its programs in a way that it is only through full concentration that a student can achieve good grades. For instance, if one looks keenly at the number of lessons to attend per semester and the subsequent assignments and projects, a learner needs to focus, and a relationship can affect it negatively.

The elemental purpose of learning is to secure one’s future. Even if there are other methods to success in life, a learned individual has a higher chance to do well in life, and that is the leading motivation when joining a college. Regarding that, it is vital that when learning, the students should set their focus on the future, regardless of whether one remains employed in the mainstream opportunities channels such as in the government or will become self-employed. Unfortunately, when one engages in a serious relationship, he/she is prompted to keep these goals aside, and attentiveness towards educational success doesn’t become a priority anymore.

On the same case, if one looks keenly at the immediate impacts of being in a relationship, it is evident that concerning academic excellence, they are a form of distraction. It is not comparable to other unions such as group work or teams that dedicate their energy towards school’s success. Often it comes with misplaced priorities since the time that one loses while others are concentrating on their studies is never recovered. Indeed, it makes the student’s focus on succeeding in school to become an alternative as opposed to priority; therefore, they make it secondary.

Another elemental consideration to make as a reason for being single while studying is all but the obligations that compete for the time available for a student. As aforementioned, learning comes with many activities that require attentiveness, and if one get mixed up and fail to prioritize essentials, he/she will fail. On the same case, apart from homework, tests, and assignments, there is also a variety of extracurricular activities that demand time as well. If a student is active in these functions then adds a relationship on top, there will be little time for studying

As the situation stands, activities like dancing, acting, music, clubs and sports are an essential part that determines a student’s wholesomeness while in school. In regard, it is recommended to participate in several so that a student can learn more basics to supplement his/her academic gains. These activities also need time dedication which lessens as one engages in more of them and school’s projects keep on demanding time. If one fails to balance all these elements and focus all the time towards a person as relationships demand, there is a loss in time and poor grades are not avoidable.

Moreover, another benefit of being single is that one can explore and interact with anyone without feeling guilty or not at ease. On the same case, many people matter as the students learn and include the family, close friends, and classmates. Unfortunately, when a relationship takes control of one’s mind, there is the dedication of the crucial time and energy towards one person which often prompts the partners to neglect their relationship with others who are important to them. As a result, they end up getting little support since their focus is only on one person.

A case example that can illustrate how the students miss a lot in the process of being taken while studying involves their connection with their parents. With no doubt, the parents are always close to a student’s progress in the school, and watch the student's engagements carefully as they study. If they notice something that can mean a danger, there is a possibility they will advise on the cons and the need to avoid. On the other hand, they are vital tools to encourage and promoting encouraging behavior all to see their children study as deserved.

However, it happens that the parents can notice of a child’s relationship and advice against it. Often, it happens against the wish of the student where eventually he/she resolves to betray their parents and continue with the bond. More so, apart from the parents, there are also the close friends who are determined to see their colleagues doing well in all aspects. If they notice and advice on the dangers of being in a relation that a person is having but ignorance happens to take control, the bond between them and the student breaks. Consequently, the learner ends up having reduced social networks hence less support when in need.

One of the most probable consequences of being in a relationship while in college is settling for a bad match. When learning, students aren’t sure of many choices in life including the kind of partners they would like in life. In this case, if they engage in a serious relationship without exploring fully about the choices while they wait for their right time, it is likely to be a victim of wrong choices; therefore, ending up losing in time and the selection of partners. As a result, it is encouraged to first of all study, settle, and after making an informed decision about the right partner to have in life, a person can at that time start dating.

Being single is one way to learn self-reliance as a virtue. Regarding the students’ life, there are numerous aspects that one is supposed to learn and one of the most significant entails learning to be self-reliant. As such, one is encouraged to explore the world solely and learn the basics of making individual and sound decisions when faced with critical issues. As a case to compound the above statement, one often finds himself / herself in a fix where the money that is left cannot meet all the expenses in the period available. If one is living single, there is the prompt to engage individual minds and make a personal judgment that will ensure there is no suffering. As a result, the student learns to be a critical thinker. However, such benefits are limited when one is in a relationship since it is easier to open up to the partner that one is having who may not be useful in problem-solving or can take advantage of the situation.

It is essential to note that the student’s life always corresponds to a time when one is growing up. In fact, in most cases, the students aren’t mature to make any informed decision, and they require a lot of support to live in school. On the same matter, the people they meet in college often end up not being eventual long-time partners; therefore, a distraction towards studies. As a sensitization of the case, statistics indicate that it is only a small proportion of 5% of the relationships that end up in marriage. Regarding that, it remains a great distraction hence the need to avoid them.

In conclusion, it is not everyone who is opposed to a relationship in college, and as aforementioned, everything is about individual choice. As such, no one can determine whether another person’s engagement would be successful or not. When in college, however, the most elemental thing is to utilize the time well while not neglecting any responsibility as a student. Some singles fail, and there are others in a relationship who excel. From the notes in this discussion, it is advisable to be single and be in a relationship after studies although it is an individual opinion. What is your opinion? What do you think is better?

What do you think is better for a student?

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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      23 months ago

      It all comes down to whatever the (individual) wants!

      People in relationships do well in school and those not in relationships have done well in school. A lot depends on (who they choose) for a mate!

      Most people are capable of multi-tasking. Some folks can't.

      One has to (know them self).

      The goal is to find someone who shares your same values, wants the same things for the relationship that you do, naturally agrees with you on how to obtain those things and last but not least there is a mutual depth of love and desire for one another....etc

      Ultimately if you're happy that's all that matters!


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