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Being Single in 2016

Updated on March 25, 2016

Being Single in 2016

Everyone seems to be following an unseen biological clock, especially with the quick pace of today’s society. Although we are getting physically older by age in number, we are also still developing in maturity. As we grow, our mental age is continuing to grow in addition. Who you are when your 20 won’t be who you are at 24 and then again at age 30. Today’s generation seems to be focused on the dating world and marriage and it seems to be the sooner, the better with many.

Lately, I have noticed the swarms of engagements and marriages that occupy my newsfeed daily on Facebook. Apparently, I did not receive the memo. Is there something in the air? Or is it in the water? This whirlwind of relationship and marriage booms made me wonder what it means to be single in 2016, being happily single myself. It can truly mean a variety of things from different people, from both positive and negative aspects.

In the beginning, the single life is the only way of life. No commitment equals freedom and party time, all the time. You can freely travel and mingle as you please. You begin to see yourself as available rather than just single. Your wallet is fuller than ever and your social life is booming. I’ve only been allowed into bars for a few years, you think to yourself, so how can I possibly be thinking of marriage this soon?

And then you log onto your social media accounts.

Break out the ice cream pint and Netflix movies.

My Instagram is filled with more #WCW and #MCM posts and photos of engagement rings than ever before. A few years creep by of being single and suddenly, more and more of your friends are getting into serious relationships. After seeing this popular wave rapidly growing over time, a fear can arise in you. Just because you haven’t found someone yet, doesn’t mean there is a need to rush to catch up with your friends. If you’re one of the people that discourage themselves because you’re not involved with someone, just stop that thought now, because the idea that life isn’t enjoyed until you’re in a relationship is outdated and completely untruthful.

Don’t let the holidays fool you into loneliness. Instagram and Facebook may be filled with photos of happy couples kissing in the snow or out at an expensive restaurant for date a night, but it’s time to put yourself at the top of your list this year! Enjoy your time spent with good company; whether you are surrounded by you’re your friends or family. Be grateful for the love you are receiving in general and make sure to give it back in return. Most of all, show yourself love. Don’t feel guilty about spoiling yourself during the holidays!

When single, having a pity party, repeating the age old exaggerated question, “What is wrong with me?”, is the absolute wrong way to feel. I will warn you now that it’s an irrational mindset which will make you feel worse. Truth is you cannot rush love. When you stop looking for it and least expect it, is when I believe something good will happen.

Everyone gets down on themselves here and there. However, I consider confidence very appealing. I like people who are proud of themselves and have a good head on their shoulders. People who know who they are and wouldn’t change a thing about themselves is a strong, noticeable characteristic. They stand out to me. So if you haven’t been giving yourself the credit you deserve, my advice to you is to stop seeking someone else and start seeking yourself.

In our generation, many of us are still attending college or just finished up and are eventually going to be seeking a career. The more independent lifestyle women are leading makes it more difficult to set time aside socially. We are forced to go to bed early and wake up early in order to pay our bills. The responsibilities experienced in our 20’s are truly a harsh reality check. With all of these factors put into play, the hookup culture of our generation is basically centered on meeting people via social media and dating websites. Instead of meeting potential suitors in person at a bar or at a club in your area, you are more prone to meeting a wider array of matches you wouldn’t normally come across at your typical Friday night local hangout spot.

When I picture myself as happily settled down, I imagine I have become someone who has had a good amount of years to focus on myself. I want to build a life of my own happiness before I marry. My goals are my priorities and in order to be settled down with the one I love, I have to be steady independently as well.

Finding that special someone is truly something to celebrate.

But if you’re single, don’t forget to celebrate that as well.

Despite the ranging feelings on this topic, there are genuinely so many reasons to embrace being single in today’s world. Stop comparing your life to others and live for yourself. There is no rush to happiness and happiness does not have to mean being in a relationship. Happiness begins when you want it to and you accept the person you have become. Live in the moment and seize every beneficial opportunity you can.

This surge of changing relationship statuses has definitely been prominent to me in this year so far. To be single doesn’t mean you will become the lady with 100 cats. It doesn’t mean you’ll never find love. And it doesn’t mean there is nobody out there for you. Dwelling on what you don’t have will never do you well. Be confident with you are and always stay proud, don’t attach your single status to negativity.


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    • Alyssa Nichol profile image

      Alyssa 7 months ago from Ohio

      "Stop comparing your life to others and live for yourself... Happiness begins when you want it to and you accept the person you have become. Live in the moment and seize every beneficial opportunity you can."

      Great message! I think the above goes for anyone and everyone.

      I love this and I think you gave an amazing message of encouragement for those who are in the dating world and maybe starting to feel a little discouraged.

      Great job!

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 11 months ago from United States

      I absolutely agree with your insight on this topic. Excellent Hub and great advice for singles to help them where they are at and not be discouraged if they are dating anyone. Good Job!!!