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Being Stood Up

Updated on October 29, 2010

Being Stood Up

"No, I don't mean someone leaning you up against a wall, to keep you from falling down when you're intoxicated; it's simply understood by any man or woman who sit's around waiting for someone. You could be waiting for a man to pick you up for a date and he doesn't show up or you can be a man sitting at a table in a restaurant waiting for your blind date to show up and she never does. You felt like a fool sitting there holding a bouquet of flowers for some chic that didn't think you were even worth calling to cancel out.

It is annoying when you have bought an outfit, got a new hairdo and looking the sexiest you've ever looked in your life to have someone not show up. It ticks you off even more when you find out he's stood you up because he took some other girls phone number the same night he asked you out and he decided that she was the better catch and throws you back into the ocean. You just have to keep in mind that jerks are everywhere so consider yourself spared from it.

How about it when you turn down one guy or girl for a date to go out with someone who stands you up. I'm guessing the one you turned down is thinking you deserved it. Sometimes the grass is really greener on the other side, so if you have been stood up, look at it like this; you have the chance to find a better date. Just don't go back with your tail tucked between your legs asking the guy or girl you turned down at first. But you never know, he or she might give you a second chance.

Have you ever thrown a party and no one showed up? It was rude of them to accept your invitation and stand you up. You've spent all this money on food a cake, wine and party favors for these clowns not to show up at you party and when you try to contact them you keep getting everyone's voicemail.

Whatever you do don't feel sorry for yourself and leave a message on everyones voicemail letting them know that you were disappointed in them for not calling you to cancel or at least give an explanation to why they can't come to your party. If you've invited tons sof people and none of them shows up, it is more than a coincidence that the didn't show up or call you to let you know that they couldn't make it to you party; Perhaps maybe they are angry with you about something you've said or done to them, It's worth figuring out what it is you've done wrong to see what it is you need to fix.

There are some excuse's I've heard when being stood up, one guy actually told me that his grandmother died and when I reminded him that he told me one of his grandmothers died twenty years ago and the other died way even before that he comes back with telling me that it was the anniversary of his grandmothers death so he had to cancel out on the date, because he's grieving terribly.

And then there was this one guy who told me his car was repossessed by the dealership and he had no way of picking me up for a date, when I told him that I would meet him someplace, his excuse became even more lame, he told me that his son's lungs collapsed and he had to drive to the hospital to see him. If he was driving to the hospital his car was obviously not repossessed by the dealership.

This one is the granddaddy of them all, He found out his divorce wasn't finalized, that he was still married to his ex wife and he had to go back home because it was the right thing to do. The problem I had with this excuse is that his ex wife was married to someone else, lived in another state and was pregnant for her new husband.

You know people, just be honest if you know for sure you don't want to go out with someone. You're only obligated to tell the truth to someone you don't want to date and save yourself from looking stupid. Most people will understand that you don't want to date them and they will move on with their lives without any of your drama.





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