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Being a Sexy, Seductive Woman? Mission Possible

Updated on March 29, 2010

How to overcome the fear and lack of confidence and to turn into the sexy and attractive woman you have always wanted to be

Ok, let us go ahead and admit it. Very few of us ladies can confirm with certainty that we feel sexy, attractive and confident. The majority (my humble self included) have self-confidence issues, which naturally reflect on the inner peace and self-perception.

Most women feel at most plain. It is difficult to project an image of sexiness and confidence in a world where the female beauty has been commoditized and brought to a degree of absurd perfection via Photoshop and the impossible standards that the fashion and cosmetics industries have set.

Women find it difficult to feel comfortable in their own skins. Most admit having problems with self-perception and their own bodies.

Let me share a little secret as someone who has been through the entire process - sex appeal and confidence are a reflection of the inner self, rather than the outer cover. True, appearance plays some role, but to become a sexy and seductive woman you need to first of all work on the perception you have of yourself.

As the cliché goes – once you start liking yourself, the world will start liking you, as well.

Be confident, sexy comes with it
Yes, I know that this is easier said than done. How can you build confidence, when there are millions of young, attractive, prematurely grown 15 year olds that the average man has difficulty not drooling after?

The trick is to start exploring your own body. Spot your best features and try to put emphasis on those. Forget about social norms, morale and conservative practices that ladies should follow. Nothing is wrong with breaking the rules, if that makes you feel good.

You have long legs? Bring on the shorter skirts. These can be tasteful, even elegant, if worn with dignity and the proper accessories.

Show the beauty of your face. Put some time in applying makeup. Guide attention to your eyes, beautiful face skin or plum lips.

Start liking yourself. Experiment with your looks. Once you believe in the fact that you are beautiful, the manner in which the world perceives you will change.

Enjoy the process
If you have difficulty enjoying the process of turning into a truly sexy woman, you will probably fail convincing anyone of the changes taking place.

Kick fear out of the equation. Yes, you are imperfect! Welcome to the real world. We all are. There is nothing wrong with feeling happy with yourself, even if you have some imperfections. Understanding how you look and accepting your little defects will make you even sexier.

Sexy means confident. Confident means feeling good about yourself regardless of imperfections.

Being a sexy woman signifies that you enjoy every moment of being a lady. You enjoy high heels. You enjoy jeans and sneakers. You enjoy clubbing and heavy makeup or looking like an innocent Lolita. Sexy means that you are enjoying yourself. Start doing that and the manner in which people see you will radically change.

Strive for perfection
We are imperfect. Yet, this does not mean that we should try to settle for mediocrity. If you know your defects, work on getting rid of these. There is nothing sexier than determination in a woman.

Lose the extra weight that is bothering you. The moment you get involved in the process is the moment in which your self perception will change.

You feel that you need plastic surgery – go ahead and do it. Do whatever it takes to make you feel good. As long as you feel good, you will project sex appeal.

Rediscover the act of flirting
Nothing will boost your confidence more than a hot flirt. Flirting and the ability to affect men will help you reconnect to the sexy female side that has remained hidden inside you for many years.

Flirt is fine, even if you are already committed to a partner. I am talking about the little innocent flirt you can have with the delivery boy or mailman. The tiny conversation that will reveal the admiration in his eyes.

Be bold enough to flirt, if you feel like it. Sexiness is all about that – doing anything you feel like doing, since you have the confidence needed. Trust your instincts and have fun. If it makes you feel good, it cannot be bad.


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      vily_far 5 years ago

      Thank you for the comments, feedback is greatly appreciated :)!

    • showuright profile image

      showuright 6 years ago from Southeast

      Great article & nice visuals to match

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      ChristopherD 7 years ago

      Very beautiful woman. Nice Hub