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Being a soldiers wife

Updated on November 4, 2016

For most of my life I would have never imagined that one day I would be marrying a soldier. I always thought that I would marry someone from the city that I grew up in or my close friend that I had since was young. But sometimes life can take an unexpected turn and you realize that it is sometimes for the best.

Being a soldier is not an easy job and their job is different than many other jobs. There are times that they will be gone for many months because they have to go overseas. Unlike other husbands who come home everyday, they are not always home all the time. If its not them going overseas for a few months, it is the army sending them to trainings to other cities or states. This can be tough on their spouses and there are those that can say that it really never does get easy.

I have been married to a soldier for a year now and there are times that he gets sent out to other places for a few months but I know that the love between us both does grow stronger the more that I miss him. What's really tough is when they get sent to other trainings or school during the holidays. The holidays is when family is together more and when they are not home to enjoy a good Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner one can always feel the void. There are those who ask, "how can you do be the wife of soldier and not have him home for a few months?' I just say that the love I have for him makes our bond strong and I know that when he comes home, I will be the happiest person ever.

Soldiers need to feel the love of their family for what they do, just because they are serving their country it doesn't make them different from others. We all need someone to love, whether it is from their spouse or their family members. Being a military spouse is not so easy because of the security we feel when they are home and one can feel a difference when they are not home. Sometimes that is what makes a spouse stronger because we learn to become independent and we learn to do our own routines while they are not home but we know that when they come back we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that are back.

It takes commitment and dedication to be a wife, however being a military wife can sometimes require much more. We all need to be strong and be able to commit to the one that we love because there will come a day when they will need our love. They also need to know that someone will be there to hear them out and just be there after a rough days work.


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