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Being the rebound

Updated on June 4, 2013

When it comes to relationships it is never fun being the rebound. Most of the times you don't really know you are the rebound. You could even be the rebound if you meet a guy who is having problems with his relationship.

If a guy is in a relationship stay clear from him. Be his friend if you want but don't get involved. He may tell you that he is going to break up with her but doing it may be another story. Of course in a situation like that your heart is the one who usually makes the decision for you. You believe that he really likes you.

He could be attracted to you or have feelings for you but he still has attachments to her. A guy like that is known as being "emotionally unavailable." He gets back together with her and then you get hurt. You think of the good times you shared and how a person like that could just change.

Don't let yourself be the rebound. Focus on someone who wants to be with you and only you. You don't deserve to be someone's toy. As hard as it is don't believe these guys lies until they are actually done with the girl. If you go along with it, it is you who will get hurt in the end so don't let that happen.

Were you ever the rebound girl before?

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