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Being Single In 2015

Updated on December 9, 2015

Never Would've Imagined

Being single in 2015. Better yet. Being single period in this day and age. It is a challenge.

I thought a few years ago. I would be in a relationship and be married as well. But, that is not nearly the case at all. Being single for over 3 years definitely isn't something that I wanted to happen. Although it has happened, and the years have passed by pretty quickly.

I've heard the term from numerous people I have encountered over the years say: "Just wait the time will come, be patient. It will all be worth it." I'm tired of hearing that. But, also realizing that I am doing just fine being single and being a 25 year old female.

As time goes on you realize that you become more dependent upon yourself to ensure things are done correctly and bills are paid. But, there does come a time when you want to have someone to share those with. You are happy with your life and your career and your future goals. Then it happens..

You turn around and you are 25 or older and you still single. Does it mean that you are missing out in life? Or does it simply mean that you have high expectations in life?

I will say that. I don't really believe I am missing out in life. It feels as though my life is just beginning. It also feels that I am getting to live out my dreams that I have for myself. I can go and do what I want and travel where I want and do many things that most people can't do because of different life events.

Have you ever been told..."You are a selfish person, because you just want to be by yourself." Or sometimes its worded differently. I don't believe its being selfish that you want to live out your dreams that you have before having a significant other, or family etc... I believe that you have to put yourself first in many ways so you find your self-worth. You have to ensure that you take care of yourself to be able to live a long life. (But, things do happen in life that are out of our control).

You have friends on Social Media that post their happy lives. But, you truly they know their self-worth? Did they get to experience life? Did they settle for that person just because?

I ask myself that question on a daily basis. Not for the sake of myself. But, for my friends and people that I do know and work with on a daily basis. I think that being singe in 2015. Although never imaging it would have ever happened. Honestly, I believe it' is one of the best things in life my right now. I can focus on what I need to be focused on and finish that. Once this chapter of my life is complete. Then, its best to move to the next chapter.

I was told by a friend many years ago: "Never settle for the least that you deserve." We all deserve love and affection. But, with some people that isn't their main priority in life at the moment. You have to learn to love yourself before you can be loved and learn to love that special person back.

Even if you might be 19, 25, or 45 and single. It doesn't matter that you still don't deserve love. We all take different paths in life. I took the path less traveled and made a new road for myself. That is what gets me through each day.

I never would've imagined. I would've been at this place in my life, and my career that I have. But, don't let people tell you that you are behind because you are single. The way I look that it. We are in 2015 almost 2016 and we are single people. We are the future generation. We can be the one's to push the envelope's on relationships and love. We can be the trend-setters.

Look at it like this, "Be the future that you want to be, don't let other's determine your life or your happiness."

How do you feel about being single in 2015?

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    • Reneapoole profile image

      Reneapoole 2 years ago from USA

      Thank you Carrie for your response. This is my first blog I have done before. So, it's trial and error!

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Kept private 2 years ago from Northeast United States

      I enjoyed this hub. I have been married for awhile and love it, but I dont have any children. I think your spot on about self worth and really getting to know yourself before tagging along with someone else.