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Belly Dance Wedding Entertainment in Sacramento

Updated on April 14, 2012

Sacramento belly dancer at wedding

Belly dancer at wedding.
Belly dancer at wedding. | Source

Belly dance at your wedding?

Adding multicultural elements to wedding receptions is a growing trend. Many couples want to include important cultural traditions to not only appease family members, but to educate and include guests in their culture.

Belly dance is traditional wedding entertainment for Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, etc. These Middle Eastern countries often incorporate the belly dancer into a zeffa, or wedding procession where the belly dancer and drummers lead the way announcing the newly wed couple. Persian, Greek, Turkish and Indian families also include belly dance as part of wedding entertainment. Many of these cultures have wedding ceremonies that last for several days. Entertainment is used keep the guests involved and excited about the wedding festivities between the religious and traditional ceremonies.

Not Middle Eastern? No problem! Anyone can enjoy the fun and excitement of a wedding belly dance performance. Belly dancing is family-friendly, joyous and an educational experience for those not familiar with Middle Eastern dance. If you are worried about what the grandparents might think about a two piece costume, many belly dancers perform in beautiful rhinestone encrusted, full-coverage dresses, or wear a stomach cover (see photo above) to make the costume more modest.

Most major cities have professional belly dancers available for wedding entertainment. In Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Sacramento belly dancer, Nyla Crystal to start planning your belly dance wedding entertainment.


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