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Benefits of double dating: Advice on why couples should go out on double dates

Updated on September 9, 2013
Apart from being fun, double dating can be a learning experience for you as a couple. Find out how.
Apart from being fun, double dating can be a learning experience for you as a couple. Find out how. | Source

Should you go out on a double date with another couple? What are the benefits of going on double dates? Find out why double dating is healthy for your chemistry with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Whether you are in a relationship or a marriage, going on double dates will give you a fresh perspective and help you improve your social life as a couple. This post discusses the positive impact of double dating on your relationship with your partner.

1) Double dating brings a change into your dating quotient

One of the first and obvious benefits of going out on a date with another couple is that it will bring a much needed change to your dating quotient. Even the most romantic of relationships face the perils of monotony.

Change is considered to be a good thing in all walks of life, and double dating with another couple is the perfect little twist that will give the feeling of change in your dating quotient without any extra effort.

2) Double dating will widen your social horizons: Meet new people

The exciting feeling of meeting new people may no longer be a regular thing in your life since you became complacent in spending Friday night cuddling up on the couch with your partner.

Like it or not, meeting new people from time to time is quite important from the perspective of your social life. It keeps your social quotient active and stops you from becoming reserved.

Double dating will help in breaking the dull spell and pump life back into your social standing, individually and as a couple. Meeting new people will help you expand your social horizons which can reap many benefits.

Double dating will expose you to new dating ideas and fun stuff you can do together as a couple.
Double dating will expose you to new dating ideas and fun stuff you can do together as a couple.

3) Expose yourselves to new activities and dating ideas

Going out on a date with another couple will expose you to new activities and dating ideas that you may have never tried out with your partner. The interests of the other pair will widen your horizons when it comes to finding things that you can do together as a couple.

For example, the other couple may suggest that the four of you go out and watch stand-up comedy, something you may have never done by yourselves. It may turn out that you fall in love with stand-up comedy and it becomes your new favorite Friday night pastime.

4) Double dates are your chance to dress up more than usual

A guy and a girl in a relationship may have gotten used to wearing their favorite t-shirts over a pair of jeans when they go out on cozy movie dates with each other. Double dating can be their chance to dress up and look good for each other once again.

For example, a girl may decide to take out that little black dress from her closet, giving her boyfriend a lot to think about. A guy may bring out his nice shirt, new jeans, shoes and an added touch with a pair of sunglasses, giving his girlfriend a twinkle in her eye.

5) Double dating can help you win arguments with your partner

A cheeky benefit of double dating is that it can help you win arguments with your partner. Taking notes of the positive side of another couple's lives can help you take key decisions in your own relationship.

For example, suppose you have been trying to convince your husband to have another baby but he has been totally against the idea. Then you decide to go out on a double date with a couple who has two kids. Make your husband notice how easily they manage their lives and how happy they are with two children.

6) Share relationship tips and life advice with another couple

Double dating can be extremely helpful from the perspective of you relationship. You will be able to share life experiences with the other couple and use situations of your own life as basis to give helpful advice.

This sort of first hand advice is priceless. It is like going to a relationship counselor without paying hundreds of dollars in counseling fees.

Observing another couple talk, interact and flirt will help you introspect on your own relationship.
Observing another couple talk, interact and flirt will help you introspect on your own relationship.

7) Taking inspiration from another couple: Observing habits and body language

Observing the behavior and body language of another couple can be very inspirational for your own relationship. Here are some of the things you may notice.

  • The couple's level of compatibility
  • Habits of a couple that you would want to incorporate in your own relationship
  • How the other guy and girl flirt with each other
  • Overall image of the couple

Observing all these things and more, will help you absorb the goodness of the other couple's romance and love life. It may be just the stuff you need to iron out the edges in your relationship.

8) Double dating can make you feel better for your own relationship: Falling in love with your partner all over again

You will be amazed to see how you can feel better about your own relationship simply by being around another couple up close. As you spend time with the other pair, you will invariably notice their bad habits and shortcomings.

For example, if the woman in the other couple belittles her man in front of others, you will feel blessed to have a partner who doesn't bad mouth you in public.

Little things like these will make you feel really nice about your own boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. You will be able to see how your relationship is better than theirs by looking at the shortfalls in their behavior towards each other.

9) Finding support and making new friends with double dating

Double dating helps you make new friends. If you really hit it off with the new couple, you will have a new set of friends who can be a line of support. This will really be helpful when either of you need to discuss something that is dragging your relationship down.

For example, suppose a girl is tired of waiting for her boyfriend to propose to her and she is considering calling it quits. A quick heart to heart chat with the newly made friends may be just the support she needs to calm down and reconsider her decision to walk away.

10) Expose yourselves to interesting conversations: Having new things to talk about

Daily routines, new stuff at work and gossip about mutual friends may be all you have to talk about when you go out on a dinner date with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. This can give you the eerie feeling that you are running out of things to talk about.

Double dating on the other hand, will give you a lot more to talk about. Listening to the other couple's relationship history, professional lives and other quirky stuff will expose you to new and interesting conversations. This is very necessary because it gives you food for thought and gives a kick to your conversational abilities, especially as a couple.

Double dating can make a shy couple break out of their shell. This has a very positive impact on the dynamics on any relationship.
Double dating can make a shy couple break out of their shell. This has a very positive impact on the dynamics on any relationship.

11) Double dating can help you come out of your shell as a couple: Great for shy couples

A shy couple's dating options become quite limited because they may not be quite comfortable to share their personal space with other people. Double dating can help such an introvert couple to come out of their shells.

For example, a shy girl and her equally shy boyfriend can break out from their dating rut by going out with another couple who share similar interests. Getting to know more couples who have similar personality types will help the guy and the girl to shed their social inhibitions.

12) Create new memories as a couple

You may not realize this right now, but every new dating experience that you share as a couple will add to the fond memories of your relationship. Your double date may become a sweet spot in your memory bank which you can remember with nostalgia many years down the line.

For example, you go out on a double date to watch a theater play suggested by the other couple. Many years down the line when you and your partner become avid theater fans yourselves, you will fondly recollect that double date when you went to watch a play together as a couple for the first time.

Apart from this example, double dates will create heaps of memories which you will cherish later on in life when you share a hot cuppa with your partner and say 'Remember that time when we went out on a double date with so and so, and we had so much fun...'


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