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Best Free Online Dating Sites - Never Pay A Cent for Contact

Updated on October 8, 2010

If you've ventured into the world of online dating, you'll probably have discovered that it's almost impossible to find a good quality dating site that allows you to full use it for free.

Many sites will tell you they are free but then after you've signed up you'll discover you can't actually do more than wink or nudge someone - if you want to actually talk to or contact someone you're interested in, you have to pay.

So we conclude that many dating sites that say they are free - are only free to sign up.

Of course, you could pay for a site if you wanted, but why do that when you don't even have a guarantee of what exactly you're going to get for your money? In case you are still clinging to the idea of paying for someone to help you find your perfect person, here are some great reasons not to pay for a dating site:

Top Three Best Free Dating Sites

The following sites are completely free to both sign up and contact people:

  1. Plenty of Fish
  2. Person.Com
  3. Oasis Active

  1. Most dating sites can cost between $30-$100 per month.
  2. Unless you've done careful research, you may find after paying that the site only has a small handful of people in your area.
  3. The average dating site user only finds two people per month that are mutually interested.
  4. On most dating sites at least 45% of site accounts have not been logged into or used for at least six months. This means that even if the site appears to have some very good looking profiles - there's a high chance you won't receive a reply.


I am in no way affiliated with any of the sites mentioned above. I do not receive any type of rewards for referrals to these sites. All information is based on personal experience only.


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