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Best Maid Of Honor Speeches - Tips

Updated on July 3, 2011

Best Maid Of Honor Speeches - How Do They Look?

All Best Maid Of Honor Speeches have a few things in common, but why are you looking for the info? Of course! You are maid of honor for your friend.

Being Maid Of Honor is such and honor. Your best friend is getting married, how great! Only problem is, you have to make a speech! So, now you are wondering how Best Maid Of Honor Speeches are written and what they look like.

Where To Start With Best Maid Of Honor Speeches

All best maid of honor speeches start with gather good and valid information. Start doing this well ahead of time. For a really good speech you will have to check all the details and make sure you have your facts right.

A word of caution here: Check all the details with the bride and also make sure the bride and groom are comfortable with what you are going to say. As a close friend of the bride, or even as a sister, you are probably aware of a few things they do not want everyone to know about.

This naturally leads us into the next very important point. No matter how good your speech is on paper, if you embarrass the bridal couple or in any way insult or offend any of the guests, your speech is a failure.

It is very important to check with the bride and groom about the guests that will be attending the wedding. Remember, especially older family members do not necessarily share the same ideas on lifestyle etc. There may be things that are not meant for all ears. You must also be aware of any religious beliefs etc. of the guests.

When you are considering quotes, jokes, anecdotes or poems, you have to keep in mind that there will probably be children amongst the guests! Keep the little ears in mind, especially when it comes to jokes.

OK, this is the start of all best maid of honor speeches, gathering the information.

Basic Format That Is The Basis Of All Best Maid Of Honor Speeches

When writing your maid of honor speech the following format can serve as a basis and you can then fill it in with our own information:

  • Start by introducing yourself, remember not all the guest know you or know how you are related to the bride.
  • Say something about you and the bride, are you best friends? Are you sisters? How close are you?
  • Now you can tell a little story about the two of you, keeping the advice above in mind!
  • Say something about how the bridal couple met and how the relationship developed.
  • Wish the couple well and propose a toast if you have been asked to do so. (Customs differ here)
  • Anywhere in your speech you can make use of good anecdotes, poems and jokes, keeping the above in mind
  • All Best Maid Of Honor Speeches are between four to eight minutes in length. In a shorter speech you are not able to say anything meaningful and longer, you may bore the guests.

Now The Writing Of All Best Maid Of Honor Speeches

If you want your speech to count amongst the best maid of honor speeches, you have to write out your whole speech. Make sure you have all the correct details and know exactly what you want to say.

Now you have to make sure you learn your speech. You cannot stand and fumble there when you have to make your speech. Know what you want to say!

Now, do not read your speech. Make yourself flash card to remind you of key facts of your speech. You never know, nerves can make you forget what you wanted to say.

Speaking of nerves, try and relax, enjoy the speech and it will go well. You have done your homework and have no need to worry!

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    • Hendrika profile image

      Hendrika 6 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      Thanks everyone for your kind words. Maid of Honor Speeches, yes they were so bad I had to take them of and so I replaced them with Amazon products to help the maid of honor.

      funny wedding speech, I agree, I do not think everyone always appreciate all the work a maid of honor has to do.

      Thanks, Bev Langford. Yes Hubpages is great!

      beadydani, in South Africa we get it more and more these days, but, of course, we call the bridesmaids.

    • beadydani profile image

      beadydani 7 years ago from London, England

      First of all, I didn't know there was such a thing as Maid of Honour speech. I have attended quite a number of weddings and haven't witnessed this. Maybe it is cos it is not a British tradition, we concentrate more on the Best Man I suppose.

      Secondly, I love the idea and may actually request this for my wedding, when it eventually happens.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Bev Langford 8 years ago

      Hi Hendrika,

      Lots of great information for the Maid of Honor. I'm new to Hubpages but have enjoyed so much already. Great work on this article, really well explained.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    • profile image

      funny wedding speech 8 years ago

      Maid of honor's have so many tasks to do for weddings. And then you throw a speech on top of it! For all the maid of honors out there, I commend you for the hard work that you do! And it is much appreciated.

    • profile image

      Maid of Honor Speeches 8 years ago

      This is a great hub with super info for Maids of Honor. I just wish the pictures were clearer as you have some great ones here!