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5 Rules for the Best man's Speech

Updated on June 30, 2012

A Guide to Writing The Perfect Best Man Speech

A lot of people are afraid of speaking in public. Most men are likely to be happy and excited at first because they were chosen to be the groom's best man, but deep inside them is a nerve-wracking feeling of so much pressure and fear because they are expected to honor and give the best speech to the most important day of the couple. When that time comes, don't panic; even when there is no so much time left to prepare. Put yourself together, be a man. Put it this way, it is just a toast. If you want to be flawless, then read and follow these tips and you surely will.

Tip # 1 : Keep it Short and Personal But Sweet

This is the very first thing you need to consider. You are to entertain the audience, the family, and not waste their time. Try to highlight your most memorable experience as best friends. If you still remember when was the day that you first became friends or how, then make a very short story out of it, make it interesting and with humor. Don't give more than one anecdote or reminiscence. Never forget to introduce your name because not all of them know you. Give them the reason why you were chosen to be the groom's best man. They will expect that you will throw some punch jokes, try to have some but NEVER refer to previous girlfriends. Try to say everything you need to say in no more than 1000 words or 7 minutes, that is the ideal length of time. You do not have to recite each year of the groom's life.

Tip # 2: Write and Practice Your Speech in Advance

As you write it down and practice it, remember this: The picture-perfect best man's speech is one that makes the audience laugh at the opening and cry at the end. Control yourself and don't get too emotional by your designed speech too quickly. Remember that you are the one who made it and that you know every word of it and the drama inside it. If you fail to do this then they will snicker at you

Tip # 3: Complement the Groom's Personality

Most probably there will be around 200 guests in a typical wedding. It's what makes it nervous, right? Just don't get to conscious about them and focus on complementing the groom. Look at the groom in his eyes and make him feel that you mean every word you are saying. In that way, the audience will be amazed of your sincerity in delivering your speech. hat you should deliver as the best man speech shoould perfectly fit the groom. This means that you know his personality better than anyone among the crowd, therefore you ought to reflect on the personality of the groom before writing. This should help you construct your speech.

Tip # 4: Maintain Neutral Comments (Appropriate for All Ages)

Always bear in mind that there are distant relatives at the wedding who you may not know. There will also be small children. Just don't say or just reduce those offensive languages or remarks of an obvious sexual nature. Funny speeches are greatly welcome but it should not hurt somebody. Instead, thank the family of both sides and thank the audience for being there and for showing their love and support.

Tip # 5: What You Should Not Do

As said above, never discuss or even mention, even just once, the groom's ex-lovers (ex-girlfriends or ex-wives.) No matter how funny that joke is, just don't do such thing. This is an unquestionable manner to ruin the temperament of a wedding party. Remember that you are there because the groom has requested you to. Complement the bride and you can only deliver a joke about a girl but she has to be that girl; but nothing embarrassing or impolite. Finally, drinking will not help you.

You need to follow such tips to write and convey a heartfelt, funny and proper best man speech. Good luck!


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