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Best Marriage Proposal Ideas

Updated on December 17, 2014
Best Marriage proposal
Best Marriage proposal

For most people, marriage is a very special and sacred thing, it is a vow made by two people in love to share the rest of their miserable or beautiful lives together, no matter what the outcome, because in marriage you swear for better or for worse. Before the whole church bells, rice throwing and "just married" write ups, there was the initialization of marriage, this initialization is called a proposal. Back in the days, men used to just take a beautiful evening walk with his girl, held her close to his bosom, so close that their hearts began to synchronize, kiss her gently on her lips, go down on his knees, pops out his shiny ring and ask for his lady's hand so delicately. Fast forward to days proposal and you find that proposals are all done for props instead of love.

Played out Proposals that most women think are boring

The Super Bowl Spinoffs

  • What's up with these game half time marriage proposals? how romantic is it to be around smelly beer drinking popcorn eating guys and then seeing your name suddenly appear on the billboard with your spouse asking for your hand in marriage? I am sure that the lady that you plan to spend the rest of your life with deserves a much better proposal than just a halftime billboard showoff copycat one.

Beach Proposal

  • What's new! having a romantic walk on the beach holding your lover's hand as your feet slowly caresses the sand and then WHAM! you see bikini girls posing with proposal signs with your name on it. He dips in his pocket and pulls out the.......well the ring got lost in the sand but he proposes anyway. You both have plenty digging to do later.

Airplane Banner Proposal

  • You hire a noisy plane with a tag attached to it and it sails across the sky with the proposal message. With this corny proposal, you better use tags instead of smoke trails as it is quite messy to see that proposal message being disintegrated before the plane finishes the sentence. Many ladies have placed their hands in their spouses face because of this plane tag proposal. When the plane fly's across a region, several people are seeing that tag and women with the same name make the mistake thinking that the wedding bells being chimed is theirs.

At a Fancy Restaurant Proposal

  • This is not what it seems, let me tell you a little trick about food, If you want to get someone to agree with you, see things your way or even sway a little to your side, discuss the situation over food. A person whom you are having dinner with and is enjoying the meal tend to be a bit more receptive to your ideas and as such proposing to a lady while she is having a great dinner helps her to sway to saying yes. However, there are ways of proposing over good romantic settings than the everyday fancy restaurant routine. I tell tell you that with almost 50% married couples, the women got proposed to in a fancy restaurant. This is so played out.

The List Below Highlights the Top 4 Marriage Proposals That will get the Bells Ringing

1. Shower proposal

Propose to her in the shower
Propose to her in the shower

If your bathroom is designed right, the shower can be one of the most relaxing and yet romantic places in the home. A beautiful shower can help to massage your troubles from a hectic day. It can also be used to execute one of the most beautiful proposals, here's how.

There are certain preparations to be done before the initial proposal. You need to have the best smelling shower fragrance available for this event. Allow your soul-mate to enter the shower and give her a little time to cool down. Have her engagement ring hidden in hand and then join her in shower. Tell her all the most beautiful things that any loving woman would want to hear, tell her that there is no other person in the world who has the power to strengthen your heart, bath her slowly with that sweet fragrance, kiss her softly and tell her that her love is your beacon, when there is no light she shines for you, and when there is light she shines even brighter. Go down on your knees while the shower is still running, look her in the eyes, tell her you love her and ask for her hand in marriage. You have just melted her heart and will definitely be on your way to hearing wedding bells.

2. Recorded Proposal on Air

marriage proposal via radio
marriage proposal via radio

Record Your Proposal and Air it on Radio

This has to be planned right in order to execute that right moment and feeling. Link with one of your local radio stations and tell them that you want to place an ad over air, this can be quite a bit expensive proposal as you will have to chunk out some cash to pay for airtime. Record you proposal on a smooth romantic rhythm and ensure that the name of your supposed to be wife is mentioned several times in the recording, all you will be doing is talking on the rhythm, say all the beautiful things that you want to say, but at the end of the recording, ensure that the question is asked. If you are able to get a night spot where classical hits are heard during that period, it would be even better.

On the day of proposal, be as romantic and as burden bearing as possible, ensure that she is alright and not upset with you over anything, tell her that you would love if she would listen to a song together on the radio that you heard will be on at a certain time, tell her that the song sings of everlasting love and devotion, i am sure she is even more interested to hear that song too. Get a nice bottle of wine and cozy up beside her and tune in at least 10 minutes before your aired proposal, listen a bit of soothing music, ensure that your ring is near by, she will be overwhelmed when she hears your radio proposal. You soon will be hearing church bells.

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3. The Walkie Talkie Proposal

Marriage Proposal Idea- walkie talkie
Marriage Proposal Idea- walkie talkie

The Walkie Talkie Proposal

It's always good to have lasting and wonderful memories of relationships and marriages. Proposals have been a very big part of that. The walkie talkie not just acts as a two way communication device between persons, but can be used as a two way proposal device between a man and his lady. Run down to your local electronics store and purchase your two way radios, test them and ensure that they are working properly. Make up some reason to show them to your spouse and show her how it is operated. Take back the radio and then plan your day. A weekend proposal is best for this method as she may be in one particular section of the house for a long period, kitchen, bedroom etc. leave one of the radios on a table or counter where she is, signal her to pick up the radio with something like, "husband to wife, husband to wife, do you read?", when she picks up the walkies talkie begin your serenading and tell her how marvelous she is and that you only wish your souls be in union forever, while making your proposal, make sure that you are walking to her location so as soon as she replies, you are there to slide that ring on those tender fingers, hug her and give her tender kisses.

4. The Cook for Her Proposal

Romantic Dinner at Home Proposal
Romantic Dinner at Home Proposal

This can never be too played out. You have total control of your environment and what is it that you want to do. Prepare something unusual that you know will not get her sick. If seafood is on your menu, you can probably try something like boiled squid in cheese and garlic sauce with a squeeze of lemon, exotic curried crabs, something of that nature. If you are not too familiar with how your kitchen works, you can hire a chef for the day to have him prepare the meal, just make sure that the dinner will be smashing!

You can't not have a romantic dinner at home without some sparkling wine. You must have the right wine to compliment the meal and the occasion, go to a wine store and speak to someone about the type of wine needed for the meal cooked. You can also ask your hired chef about this. Ensure that the wine is properly chilled, not cold. as chilled wine is more enjoyable and allows for better savor of the taste.

Put on some really nice romantic music that you know drives her crazy, not too loud and not too low, just set the right tone with the right melody.

You cannot have a special setting without being dressed according to the occasion, ditch the old washed out jeans and the sports t-shirt and find something semi-formal. Women have a 7th sense when it comes on to dressing for occasions, so you do not have to tell her how to dress, just tell her that you will be taking her to a nice romantic dinner, she will be prepared.

You have picked her up and taken her at home, she is a bit surprised as she was thinking restaurant, but when she sees the romantic candlelight settings you have prepared she is moved with passion and appreciation. Tell her all the good things you really love about her, serenade her and ask her for her hand in marriage.

If all the above doesn't suit you, try singing like this guy!

Go Give a Proposal

Proposing to the one you love, your soul-mate, committing to an everlasting love filled with honesty, respect and compromisation is a big step for anyone. We tend to want to have that moment last, we want the moment to be something on the forefront of our cherished memories. We want to make an impression. Take my ideas, find the one that you love and loves you equally in return and make that person yours forever. Propose!

© 2014 Clive Williams


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    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      3 years ago from Jamaica

      thanks jtrader

    • jtrader profile image


      3 years ago

      These are all good ideas

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      One day I will try. One.

    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      4 years ago from Jamaica

      thanks frank

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      4 years ago from Shelton

      great ideas for a marriage proposal..well the walkie talkie one not so much LOL great hub


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