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Why Should I Buy Pheromone Perfume for My Wife?

Updated on October 29, 2014

Kiss Your Sweet Thing Goodbye?

Cheap perfume is a good way to have her kiss you - off!!!
Cheap perfume is a good way to have her kiss you - off!!!

Discount Perfume May Seem Like a Bargain

Giving discount perfume may seem like a bargain, but it is worse than giving nothing at all!

Yet, giving a gift of the best pheromone perfume for women is a gift to yourself as well.

Like most things in life, going for cheap perfume is just as likely to offend her as it is to please her.

Do you think for a minute that she won't know immediately what you paid for it?

Most women who like fragrances know them (and what they cost) like a baseball fan knows box scores.

And what you spend on a cheap perfume will send a message that she isn't worth very much to you.

So, should you just drop a lot of bucks on a big name brand that she may not like and hope that impresses her?

Anyhow, let's be honest, you aren't going to be any more comfortable in a perfume shop that you would be walking on the sun.

What is She Worth to You?

The Best Gift Perfume for a Woman Is Unscented

It's not important that you know exactly which perfume is her favorite.

What's important is that you know she enjoys and likes to use fragrances.

Chances are, that's one of the things that really turns you on about her.

And if she has a favorite, you might be surprised to know that there are unscented additives and oils that could double and triple the sexiness of that favorite fragrance.

Start Getting Closer Today

Get ready for the kind of action that discount perfume will never get you!
Get ready for the kind of action that discount perfume will never get you!

No Cheap Perfume Can Do This Kind of Magic

Can you imagine giving her a secret additive for her perfume that makes you want her two or three times more than you already do?

That's what I'm saying. It will turn You on that much.

And (this just keeps getting better for you, doesn't it?) it will boost her self esteem, sexiness and overall get-down-and-dirtyness at the same time you are affected by it.

And you can be sure none of her friends are wearing the same perfume, because they aren't as smart as you are and buying this liquid dynamite.

So, I have a choice here -

I could buy her an unscented pheromone perfume oil additive and:

  • it will intensify that perfume she already likes
  • it's gonna turn me on
  • it's gonna light her up
  • it's gonna tell her how important that certain activity is to me

or I could buy some cheap perfume like every other AFC out there and end up sleeping alone.

Doh, lemme think about it...

OK, that's enough thinking. Where do I go to get this good stuff?

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      Perfume Fan 8 years ago


      Everyone loves bargains and it’s very satisfying to get quality products at affordable prices.

      Thank you...