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Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

Updated on November 9, 2010

Romance is a tough word to define since what qualifies as romantic differs greatly from person to person. At the core it is a memorable experience shared between couples. Undoubtedly men and women sometimes have very different ideas about what is romantic. For this reason we’ll focus on ideas that will make the lady in your life swoon due to your debonair prowess. Although the basics will be laid out here, the real magic is up to you. Little details such as revealing her favourite champagne on ice or playing the music she loves will show that you pay attention. There is nothing quite as romantic in her eyes as an attentive man.

A Dinner to Remember

Candle lit dinners are one of the first scenarios one thinks about when contemplating romance. Although the perfect backdrops are located in Paris or Rome, you don’t necessarily even have to go to a local restaurant to create an evening to remember. If you are skilled in the culinary arts, making the food yourself and according to her tastes will be seen as a warm gesture. This way you will also have complete control over the music as well as developing the perfect mood. Classical, jazz and traditional Italian music are top choices if she has an appreciation for such genres. If not, R&B, pop or rock ballads may be more appropriate. Clearly a bottle or two of wine or champagne are essential if you enjoy sharing the occasional drink together. If cooking isn’t your strong suit, choose a restaurant according to what type of food she usually prefers with special attention to the ambience. Cozy restaurants with small tables for two are ideal.


When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with jewellery. Pay attention to the jewellery she already wears. For example if she has an unhealthy obsession with bracelets chances are that she would like to own even more. If she doesn’t wear a watch don’t wrongfully assume she needs one. Pay attention to what she already likes and stick to what works. Buying jewellery isn’t intimidating once you have a female sales associate on your side. Ask her for options and if you get stumped between two pieces go with the simpler design. Clean, modern jewellery designs are easier to match and are also more likely to suit her tastes.

A Steamy Massage

Although massage oil is pretty modest as a gift it sure does make a great night even better. Instead of giving it to her formally, make a playful proposal to give her a massage when the time is right. Relax in front of the fire with a few glasses of wine while you flirt and woo her. Ask for permission to give her a massage in a place you typically wouldn’t have sex. The point is to genuinely give her a relaxing massage without an ulterior motive. If it leads to kissing and a little more, take it as it comes but don’t push for it.

The Kiss by Rodin
The Kiss by Rodin

Whisk Her Away

Women love to travel. Flights to France, Rome, Mayan Riviera, or Fiji are ideal but may be out of your price range. The important element here is to take her somewhere new or out of the ordinary. Remove her from thoughts of everyday life and the hustle and bustle that goes along with it. A road trip leading to an art museum, camp ground or amusement park can be just as stimulating and romantic as a much more expensive trip. Have a few stops planned but be willing to keep things spontaneous. Some of the best times are created when you chance upon something and see what it has to offer together. If she points out a small coffee shop or a funky store that interests her be quick to offer to stop in and check it out.


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