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Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

Updated on November 3, 2010

Romance is a nebulous, subjective term. Usually it is a wonderful experience shared by a couple although there are times when a gift item can carry a deep meaning. A romantic gift shows that you understand your boyfriend or husband on a deep psychological level and are willing to put his wants and needs before your own (at least for a moment). Even though it is a surrender of sorts, chances are that it will result in something equally blissful for both of you.

A Dinner to Remember

A candle lit dinner is so synonymous with romance that it has become a cliché. Don’t let that stop you from putting your own spin on it. Since romance typically isn’t about material goods and instead experiences, you are setting a mood that is conducive to a lovely evening. Either take him out to a dimly lit, cozy restaurant (French or Italian are ideal) or prepare a gourmet meal at home. Sophisticated music is preferable but only if he has some appreciation for it. Classical, jazz and traditional Italian music are top picks. If none of those styles appeal to him, there are plenty of R&B and rock ballads that will do the trick. Naturally a bottle or two of red wine or champagne is nearly essential. The key is to put plenty of thought into the details to show you care but also to stay flexible. His idea of romance may be a little different yet is equally as valid. Find that common ground.

Pump Up the Home Bar

Often regulated to the basement (or man cave), a home bar is often a source for pride for men. Although he may have a fine selection of bottles, the proper tools to make a wide range of cocktails may be lacking. This 10-piece kit from Oggi provides everything you need to rival professional bartenders. It includes a glass and stainless shaker set, double jigger, garnish slicing knife, bottle cap lifter, cocktail strainer, stirrer, tongs, chopping board, and a stylish black stand to house them all.

A Steamy Massage

On its own massage oil is a pretty modest gift. Its value increases exponentially when it is put to good use. With a little flirting when he opens the box your man will be wide-eyed with all the possibilities. Let him know you have something special in store for him after dinner and drinks. Kama Sutra oils are very popular for erotic usage. Combinations of scents such as peppermint, spearmint, geranium, and ginger are specially formulated to jump start passion.

Sexy Decks

With all the pressures of life it is tough to focus on becoming a better lover. Playing cards with an erotic theme are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. Easy to handle cards with bite sized tips make learning together fun and exciting. Two must have decks are ‘Erotic Massage: 50 Sexy Techniques to Get You in the Mood’ and ‘The Kama Sutra Deck: 50 Ways to Love Your Lover.’ With both in the arsenal you and your man will be able to perfect both foreplay and the dirty deed itself.

Something He Loves But You Hate

There have probably been occasions when you’ve pushed your man to watch chick flicks, take dancing lessons or dress up for dinner when he didn’t want to. Chances are he also likes things that you find goofy or even repulsive. Nothing is more thoughtful than a gift that caters to something he loves, even though you don’t like it. This gesture is especially powerful if you have been vocal about your disdain for whatever it might be in the past. Not only get him that Sports Bloopers Blu-ray disc he has been lusting after but sit down and watch it with him without complaint. He will be thrilled to share it with you and he may even show you a side of himself you rarely see.


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