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The Best Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

Updated on December 8, 2013

Broken Heart Syndrome

Broken heart syndrome is also called stress-induced cardiomypathy or takotsubo cardiomypathy. Tako Tsubo are octopus traps that resemble the pot-like shape of the stricken heart. Broken heart syndrome is a temporary and treatable heart condition that resembles a heart attack and is often misdiagnosed. Although there are no physical blockages or obstructions that reduce the blood flow to the heart, there are certain stress hormones and chemicals like adrenaline that are released into the body and the brain. This causes the heart tissue to weaken and partial inflammation to occur. A part of the heart is temporarily enlarged and doesn't pump well. Since the heart tissue is weak and partially enlarged during this time, there is temporary constriction to the large or small arteries of the heart. The heart's rhythm and substances change similar to a heart attack. It can be fatal if not treated right away. Women are more at risk to broken heart syndrome than men are.

The Causes of Broken Heart Syndrome:

  • The loss of a loved one
  • Losing / winning large amounts of money at one time
  • Domestic abuse
  • Divorce, breakup, or physical separation
  • Betrayal or romantic rejection

The Symptoms of Broken Heart Syndrome:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness
  • Irregular heartbeat

A Broken Heart Can Happen to Anyone

A broken heart can happen to anyone for many different reasons and can occur at different times throughout a person's life. Having a broken heart is a very personal topic but happens often and is very painful. Having a broken heart is the most difficult, uncomfortable feeling to experience and is never the happiest time in anyone's life. Severe cases of a broken heart can lead to depression, obesity, and diabetes. Having a broken heart is a real syndrome that is caused by highly traumatic, intense and stressful situations. Having a broken heart is a normal and natural part of life because that is what makes someone who they are after the healing has taken place, which is a stronger and wiser person in terms of relationships. A broken heart is often the main reason for great success, fortune, and fame for a person. A broken heart and love always go hand in hand and both are equally a part of life. A broken heart is temporary and can be mended with many different methods.

The Best Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

There are many different ways to mend a broken heart and the method(s) chosen for healing depends upon the person who is dealing with a broken heart. People tend to deal with life experiences in their own way, which is often differently than how other people would deal with certain things. This is because it suites them and is what is best for their own heart at the time.

There are a few basic and general ways to mend a broken heart that everyone can utilize, no matter what the cause may be. These ways are the best because they are healthy for the heart and also helpful for any person experiencing a broken heart at any time for any reason. The best ways listed below are useful and also creative, with a twist that can fit any person who is going through this rough and challenging time. Just remember that a broken heart is temporary and will eventually heal itself.

1. Time.

It has often been said that time heals everything and that quote is indeed, in fact, very true. Only time can heal all wounds, physical and emotional. The more time passes by, the easier the hurtful and devastated situation becomes. The wound is forgotten about and is able to heal completely. Time is really the best way to heal a broken heart, but should be allotted enough time to make it happen. The healing is not going to occur overnight and an exact amount of time is unknown. Everyone is different and the length of time will vary from person to person and with different circumstances. For example, a broken heart caused by a breakup may take a shorter time to heal than a broken heart caused by the death of a loved one.

2. Patience.

While time does heal all wounds, patience is the next best way to mend a broken heart. Having patience while time passes is the only way to ensure that enough time has passed and the future can be pursued. Patience is considered a virtue that helps with healing any wound, especially healing a broken heart. Many people have a hard time finding the patience to let enough time pass to completely heal, but this can make a broken heart mend easier along with gaining a new attribute in life - being more patient.

3. Acceptance.

This best way of mending a broken heart has lasting effects on a person's life. Accepting what can not be changed and changing what can be changed, along with knowing the difference between the two, is highly important to daily life. Somethings can not be changed no matter what, such as the past and the way another person feels. When certain things can not be changed and it is accepted, a person can move on to change what can be changed in their life. Accepting certain things throughout life is a part of life and can only make a person stronger and wiser to live a more knowledgeable and fulfilled life.

4. Dark Chocolate.

Every one knows that the best way to mend a broken heart, along with many other ailments, is with chocolate. Dark chocolate, in particular, is actually heart healthy. Dark chocolate is also filling, great for the skin, and great for any mood. Snacking on dark chocolate daily is also healthy for weight loss. Dark chocolate daily is even best for keeping the pain of a heartache, no matter what the cause, to a minimum. Indulging in this sweet and smooth treat at least once per day can help take a mind off the hurt and focus on something good for a change, even if only for a few minutes per day. High amounts of antioxidants are found in dark chocolate, which can be a positive mood enhancer. Dark chocolate is a great best friend to any person with a broken heart.

5. Music.

Another best way to mend a broken heart is by listening to music. Music can take a mind off of negative problems and situations that are occurring. Listening to sad and depressing songs that will only bring back memories increases the heartache and increases the pain that is felt during this time. Enjoying songs that are uplifting, happy, and also encouraging can help to heal the pain and can help anyone experiencing a broken heart in a positive way. Certain songs can have certain lyrics that can touch a person's broken heart for healing at a faster rate. Music is healthy to listen to in general, so listening to music during a stressful time or during a time of experiencing broken heart is healthy and also comforting.

6. Friends.

Spending time with friends or a large group of friends that can be confided in is always a best way to mend a broken heart. This is an opportunity to talk, bond, and to find comfort in another person or people in a healthy way. This is when friends come in handy and that's what they are their for. Friends can comfort but also help to forget about the pain and hurt that a person with a broken heart may be experiencing. This part is usually the party phase of having a broken heart, when going out and having fun with friends is all that matters. Having someone else or a group that is supportive, encouraging, and uplifting is always important for mending a broken heart for the extra boost and special love that is needed at the moment. Friends always tend to say the right things during this depressing time, like "You don't need him/her" or "You are way better than that".

7. A Makeover.

This best way of mending a broken heart is best for re-examining one's life and making some changes. A makeover to physical appearance, wardrobe, attitude, routines, lifestyle, and physical surroundings is a great way for a fresh start and to remove old surroundings that can remind a person of the broken heart. A makeover is usually best for a person experiencing a broken heart due to a breakup, but it also heals broken hearts caused by many other things. A makeover can be a new beginning and a way to prepare for what the future holds, after the hurt and the pain subside. Many women have a makeover after a breakup to help the hurt and pain disappear and to also feel better about themselves and their future.

8. A Vacation.

This best way to mend a broken includes some time away from work, life, and other responsibilities during this stressful time. Some time to relax and breath within a peaceful and momentous scenery with no worries or thoughts is best for a heart to mend and become ready for the future. A vacation that is personal and based upon personal desires is best for mending a broken heart because less thought would be given to the stress. A vacation is the best time to allow time away for thoughts and self reflecting. Beautiful travel locations filled with fresh air and a soothing scenery with a place to relax makes a vacation almost necessary during any broken heart to help remove some of the stress instead of increasing the stress levels.

A Broken Heart Hurts

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