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5 Best Wedding Gifts for the Special Occasion

Updated on July 27, 2013

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas - MadisonTV - Gift Expert - Gift Blogger

Wedding season is on the run.

Dressing up elegantly and praised by ohers is are the things we usually care about.But have we ever thought about a great wedding gift Which would be liked by both bride and groom.Giving gifts is a gesture of thanking the host for inviting us in their happiness.But many people do not get the idea for a perfect gift and end up getting a useless gift.

Last time when i attended a wedding,i saw a man giving the married couples an envelope containing some money in it.In India it is a normal way of giving money as 'shagun' instead of a proper gift.But what about gifting them a very useful and consistent thing.We know you yourself will feel very special to receive perfect wedding gift.

Here check out some of the coolest and best gifts for a wedding.

Rosenthal Mini Porcelain Vases

These vases are so beautiful and elegant that every bride and groom would look forward for these type of gifts.Not only these vases will enhance the beauty of new household but with its white color it will give a classic look too.Available in different shapes and sizes these vases also works as a show piece in the drawing room.

The price of these gifts are reasonable too which costs only $26.25.So the deal is far much better than any other gift.And they are easily available in any crockery store.

Kate Spade Fortunda Pitcher

Etched with a horseshoe on one side,this pitcher is all full with good luck and fortune.Giving somebody a gift of luck is one of the cutest thing anybody would expect.Crafted of fine crystal, the kate spade Fortunada Pitcher holds 32 ounces.I myself has gifted this item to my friend on her wedding which filled her eyes with tears.She felt too special and was very happy to receive that gift.And this costs only 100$.

This gift not only makes the receiver happy but also the giver feels much satisfied.

Watches for the bride and groom

Well giving somebody watches on their special day is so much fun.

The couples would really like this cool idea and would appreciate it very much.This gift is not only special but also costs in your budget.For the bride it could be something very beautiful and for the groom a stylish watch will work great.

Flower bouquet

What would be more special than a bouquet of flower.This wishes them a good luck for their married life and happiness for their future.

This would only cost 60$-80$ for a nice and big bouquet.


Sounds strange but what would be better than a cool and stylish suitcase for the young couple to carry while travelling.

For the seriously globetrotting couple in your life, here's a suitcase that's light, easy to carry, and will survive even the toughest luggage carrousels on the honeymoon and beyond.

Are you satisfied with the above hub for some good wedding gifts ideas ?

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