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Best wedding speeches: Tips and Samples

Updated on April 17, 2013

Best man wedding speech

Sure, there's a place under the spotlight for a while, and it is a big honor to participate to a wedding covering this role, but The best man is always a sort of unsung hero: preparing a speech that is going to be read aloud in front of all the guest and the newly wedded couple is not exactly what you would call "a walk in the park".

Coming up with a fitting speech and with the best way to share it with the celebration guests is something that requires quite a lot of creativity, charm, wit and a little bit of irony, paying attention in order to avoid crossing the line and turning irony into unwanted and awkward vulgarity.

If all of this does not sound easy at all, just sit back for a moment and take a full, deep breath: keep in mind that balance is everything, and if you try to relax and give enough focus to your speech, you'll realize that you can actually come up with a truly memorable best man speech.

Whatever the register you choose for your speech, the best thing you can do is: Take your time.

If you know that you are going to be performing a speech at a wedding, it is reasonable to assume that you probably have been asked to do that some time in advance. If you are stressed and if you are not really used to write speeches, just don't slack!

Take your time, work on it little by little each day and do not be afraid to ask for advice, contributions or support to anyone that you feel can help you make the best of your wedding speech!

You can even chose to take some time to reharse the speech, but in the end the truth is that You do not need to be a fluent public speaker or a journalistic writer to deliver a really heartfelt and honest wedding speech: First and foremost, there is something that connect you to the couple at a deeper and more meaningful level: they are your friends, maybe your family, and you've shared many significant, valuable moments together.

Be yourself and let your feelings come across subtly, but fondly, in a way that anybody at the wedding reception can relate to it. Tell an anectode or two, and used them to prove a point: The little stories, details that can help you create a metaphore, create a connection to the wedding and a wish for the future.

The best thing to do is really to keep it simple, but to stay committed to deliver a nice speech that will be as emotional for the newly wedded pair as well as for you yourself. It could be tempted and naturally amost feel quite right to go very personal, but keep in mind: There are also other guests that will witness the speech that might not be as close or as familiar with the soon-to-be husband or with the soon-to-be wife!

Make sure to remain subtle and always keep a touch of class on these occasions.


Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

The maid of honor is also an unsung hero, not unlike the best man! And if many of the same concepts (if not all) and suggestions explored above applied, there might be something a little different that is expected from a maid of honor, perhaps a slighly more emotional and romantic approach.

A maid of honor is usually really really close to the bride, and as such, it's not uncommon that the two grew up together, sharing a growth that also means the search for love and happines. As a woman, the maid of honor could make a great speach stressing this aspect of their relationship, and trying to portray the fragility of love and relationships, and by contrast describe how amazing it is that the bride could find such an amazing man that is willing to stand by her side despite of all of this.

These worlds should not be on the dramatic side though: Weddings are a celebration of joy and happines, of a new beginning. Speeches should be a reflection of these very feeling, setting the note for all the celebration.

Forget the venue, forget the decor and the catering. Sure, these all make a great party, but what is it that the guest will truly remeber 10, 20, 30 years from the wedding? How good the snacks where? A weird uncle that got very drunk? I don't think so. The thing that will stick throughout a lifetime of memories in each and every guest will be the uplifting, emotional drive that will remain as a testament in everybody's hearts.


Funny wedding speeches.

Of course We all love emotional speeches at weddings. We all feel thrilled at the celebration of love, and all the promises that such a life-changing event such as marriage will bring to the life of a couple: All the hopes, expectations and dreams, the plans and the project to build a solid reality.

These are noble, deep and true causes without the shadow of a doubt, but chances are, you might argue there might also be a little bit of pressure in the face of such "big life proposition", that from that moment now on will become closer and closer to real life goals rather than just hypothetical. In the air.

Nothing is better to break the pressure than a joke or two in a wedding speech! And the cool thing is, there is not really a rule of thumb about how to be fun at a wedding!

Some speakers are just natural-born stand up comedians and they can just really stand in front of a crowd and easily charm each and every guest with a fun and wittty speech. Some other speakers turn out to be really amusing after...a few glasses too much!

But one of the classics of wedding funny speeches is to take some quite embarassing detail about one of the two (mostly about the groom) and affectionately make a fool of the protagonist of the anectode. But it's all good because these embarassyng story are not supposed to be offensive, and almost never are.

These are mostly fun childhood stories that make everyone smile and in the end, come to a realization after the laughter: Now there's a man there, now there's a woman who got past all of that and are standing together before each other with the exciting and brave promise of beginning a new life together, striving to create something beautiful for themselves and for their loved ones. It is fascinating how these funny moments can sometimes help build up such an emotional climax at Weddings!


Wedding Speech Example

Hopefully these tips and guidelines helped make your mind and your nerves at ease, but just in case - you can keep reading and get inspiration from a sample-situation below! Note: the following is purely a template example, so the details do not portray any actual person, it's just a really plausible wedding speech situation.

This example is not one of those that does follow the stereotype of the wedding speech: Being from the perspective of a brother as a best man, this happen to be a rather sweet and emotional wedding speech, still with a light-hearted and cheerful post-wedding party feel, in a register that can speak as clear and as loud to close relatives as well as new and old friends present at the party.

The Scenario: Edward and Lisa have been in love for a few years, and after a short engagement, they finally decided to go ahead and take the big step towards the altar. Joseph is Edward's brother, and as it often happen, the sibilings went on to consolidate their relationship growing up, becoming really close and valued friends. It was only natural for the former to ask the latter to stand up as the best man on such a landmark in his life, the wedding day. Joseph came up with a touching and honest - yet lighthearted and entertaining speech for the guests, keeping it simply and realitvely short, just a nice and fitting warming up for a toast and eventually for other speakers to fo

Best Man Wedding Speech Sample

Good afternoon everybody!

Family, new friends, old friends, familiar faces and people I've never met before. I hope you are enjoyng this really great party as much as I am doing, and that everyone's having a terrific time celebrating Edward and Lisa on their very special day!!

For those who do not know who I am, Edward is my younger brother. I've known him all my life and in spite of this, I am here today, and I was standing on his side as the best man on his wedding day.

Unbelievable. He did it! (the crowd giggles as the speaker takes a short break, waiting for the silence to be restored and the focus back on his words - note: a good rhythm and timing is essential!).

Looking at them, standing there together looking so...grown up!...I can't help but having all of these memories of me and my little brother messing around when we were small kids, causing heart attacks to our parents as teenagers and young adults.

Sorry Ma, Sorry Dad! (the crowd loughs!).

Now as tradition requires, I bet everyone here is expecting to hear some dirt from me, maybe something that Edward would probably not want his lovely wife to hear, in front of all you nice family people and friends!

But no, I refuse to fall into this old best man wedding speech cliche and defintely won't be doing any of that.

I could give you a thousands of silly stories, but the truth is: Everyone of us has got a tons of silly moments that could really make for a good laugh.

Anybody has been drunk to the point of embarassement or made a fool of himself in more than one occasion

(Looking at the groom: "Right little brother?" - crowd laughs)-

In the end, what I really want to point out today is this very moment. that lucky man who can pride himself to have a woman as beautiful, smart and caring as Lisa by his side must be something more than just a dummy.

And to be fair, Lisa, you are truly taking home a passionate and loving guy that will make your life better, as it did with mine. So I m sorry guys, I am not going to dig out any skeleton from the closet-

I just wanted to take this moment to tell Edward and Lisa: I am proud of both of you! (Toast Following)


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