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Best you ever had

Updated on October 18, 2015

Have you ever had a time where you found someone who you felt was too good to be true.

One day a girl found a guy that was really sweet, she needed a friend that would be nice to her and that’s what he was. She never thought that he would be the one, but one day things went a little too far.

I was a night of talking and laughing at her place, she felt so comfortable with him since he was such a gentleman. He never pushed too hard and seemed to understand her so well even when she did things that seemed messed up. He never judged her so on this special night of talking and laughter followed by drinking. She wondered, does he even have a wild side? She knows she looks good and he looks at her but never tried anything. She thought if I tease him I wonder what will he do. But she didn’t think about what could happen if things get out of control. So she walks over to him and sits on his lap, asks him have you ever had someone sit on your lap like this and rub your chest while kissing your neck? As she kisses his neck she gets a whiff of his cologne that she didn’t smell before, this is nice she thought.

He rubs her back respectfully and it felt really relaxing, she continues to kiss and lick his neck.

Then he returns the favor, she wasn’t ready for his lips to kiss her neck in just the right place while he rubs her back. If felt so nice and he wasn’t being forceful at all. She turned towards him legs open, French kissing, getting more serious than before. Now this wonder has built to a lustful moment that went too far and about to go farther. He puts her on her back kissing down her neck to her nicely aroused chest. On my how can someone kiss and cares like this, she thought to herself not wanting it to end.

He licked ever so lightly and slowly on her nice and harden nipples, she moans and rubs his head. That incredible she says out loud not knowing that she just said it. What about this he says as he slides down her pants kissing down her stomach and teasing her now. As he gets closer and closer to her most intimate of parts. He asks do you mind? She says yes and then starts to feel something so shocking it sends a chill down her spine. Have you ever had anything like that? Up and down slowly she starts to moan and grab his head pushing it into the area that’s bring her great pleasure. He start to go faster up and down, side to side. Now she’s really going crazy, as he continues she releases with a loud moan.

Oh my god, I can’t believe that happen, it felt so great. But she forgot he didn’t even enter yet.

He stands up and drops his pants she’s impressed, she’s been a good girl for a long time it’s time to get a little naughty. She deserves to have a little fun. She pulls him on top thinking now he’s going to get wild.

He enters, and moves slow, the movement is so right and so tight she feels like a lady while he’s making her feel right. Hearts pounding, bodies moving she knows he’s no rookie. Do it harder she whispers and he speeds up meet her wishes but even better. Rubbing her body and kissing it too, doing just like a gentleman do. She met the one the best she ever had, everything so right. The touch, the taste, the motion in the ocean, this is too much for the moment. The climax too people coming at once holding tight and saying you’re the best. He was just want she needed, someone who would show her nice guy’s finish last or at the same time. Have you ever had a night like this, the kind of night that makes you want more? Ever wonder what it would be like to feel such a sensation that will send you to ecstasy? To me I think everyone deserves a little tease here and there.


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