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Betrayal at it's finest

Updated on August 16, 2011

Betrayal at it's Finest

Why in the blue did you have to do that? Why did you have to betray me?

Do you actually think I deserved it? Afterall, I’ve been there for you.

I’ve kept your spirits up while they were slipping away.

I kept your faith and hope alive.

.I kept silent while you lashed out. Why?

I felt your stress,

believing that was the reason you vented your

anger out at me.

I’ve been patient as you struggled to rise


I’ve tried and tried

I’ve endured

And all for what?

To be dumped?

And to be dumped when you

were safely out of the woods.

Remember, I was in the

woods with you

And now, you've left


Alone in the darkness to find my

own way out.

Thanks a lot buddy.

Thanks a bloody lot!

For nothing!

Do I appear hateful?


Whose fault is that?

It’s what you did to me

And now, it is I who must

heal myself

Now, when I expected


to always be there for


I find myself alone.

You’re surprised because

I want to hit you


I want to destroy you in every possible


You didn’t think I had that

in me, did you?


did I.

But you stuck me

with this hostility.

Oh, yes, I know

I'm responsible for

my own actions,

and for how

I deal with it.

But this is what

you’ve done to me.

You don’t give shit

After years of intimacy

You’ve chosen to

abandon me.

Now, I am stuck here

to make it all right

I am here

to make sense of it all

I am here to make sense

out of what makes no

sense at all

You accusing me

of being senseless.

You think this is amusing,

Don't you?

You're feeling smug.

Proud of what you did?

Damn you!


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