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Mean People Suck

Updated on December 1, 2016


It's not like you don't already know that mean people suck, but I thought by using the warning of "beware" you might be more attentive to the issue. The issue being that mean people really suck!

Luckily, my encounters with mean people are far and few between, but when they do happen to encroach my space, they pack quite a wallop. How dare mean people be so mean!

They are thoughtless cowards who are insecure, insensitive and inhumane. Their mission is to take us non-mean people down to their level.

Well, little do they know we refuse to allow their nasty mood swings to knock us out of the ballpark. Nice people will not tolerate being attacked for no reason, other than a mean person releasing their venom of the day.

Are you with me, nice people? Can I get a "Heck Yeah?"

I heard you loud and clear! Now that we are on the same page, here are a few ways to handle the meanie heads...

First and foremost, I will admit that I am nice, but I'm not perfect. I'm sure somewhere along my journey of life, I've been mean. Not intentionally, because I know for a fact that I do not start my day with mean thoughts. I do not wake up in the morning thinking, I'm going to be a meanie head. Instead I start my day with a positive outlook, but if some one might happen to push my buttons, I might have a desire to retaliate.

Most of the time I just brush mean people off. The older I get, the easier it gets. I don't have the time or energy to waste on some one or something that is basically insignificant. Instead I use my time and energy to spread the niceness. Unless of course my buttons are pushed. Then again, depends on the situation.

How we handle meanie heads, defines who we are. When attacked verbally, we could attack right back, but if that isn't who we are, we are allowing mean people to win.

We could choose to take the high road. Nice people are better, so why shouldn't you just ignore the mean people. They are who they are. Chances are you didn't make them that way, so why should you have to try to fix their problem. So, you carry on and do not allow them to ruin your day.

Keep in mind that mean people are actually people who need the most loving. That statement might sound confusing, because how are you supposed to be nice to some one who is down and out nasty? With patience and understanding, you just might be the one person who could help that mean person see the light.

We could allow karma to tend to the task at hand. Who doesn't love karma? Whether it's good or bad karma, it's bound to catch up with each and every one of us. I prefer the good karma to catch me.

Unfortunately mean people tend to breed little mean people. Well, it's not like we could get all mean people "fixed" so that they wouldn't be able to breed. Instead what we could do is if we spot a little mean person, try to undo what has already been done. Keep in mind that they are still young and naïve, but kids are very sharp too. If they realize it's more cool to be nice than just might help them switch teams.

Keep Out: Mean People

Some people just don't like confrontations. I tend to thrive on them, once again depending on the situation. When confronted by a meanie head, instead of responding to their utter meanness, you could stop, drop, roll while sobbing, "Why you gotta be so mean?" Their expression of your actions just might make them realize that they have serious issues. Or that you do. Either way, chances are your confrontation is null and void.

Many people are mean because they are just insecure. Again, it's not your job to fix them. Just don't allow them to take their insecurities out on you. If approached by a meanie head who you might suspect is insecure, toss them a bone. Not literally, unless you happen to carry bones around in your pocket. Toss them a compliment. Granted, this might be a difficult task, but give it your best shot. If this tactic doesn't work, at least you know you tried. Now carry on, hopefully you don't get hit upside the head with a bone on your way out.

Mean people tend to think they have power and by being a meanie head this is their way of showing you who is boss. I do not think so! These type of people really irk me. A "title" does NOT give any one the right to abuse their authority and take it out on you. If ever encountered with a mean person like this, report them. I don't care what position this person holds, some one is above them and needs to know. Unless of course, this person is your toddler or infant then...don't sweat it, they will grow out of their power struggle stage.

The internet is a breeding ground for mean people. Cyberspace is the perfect place for the not-so-perfect mean people to multiply and attack their prey from behind a screen. The meanie heads who are the most transparent are the ones that attack, then play nice, and then try to convince you that you were the culprit. Those people make for good entertainment when you could use a laugh. Block, delete, what you have to do to eliminate them from your social networks. They aren't worth your time.

Nice People Unite...

Don't allow mean people to suck the nice out of you. Remember, you are not the one with issues. They are. Always be thankful that you are not one of them.

Could you imagine the baggage mean people carry around on a daily basis? I'd never want to find out. I have an extra 10lbs that I've been trying to get rid of and that's enough baggage for me to carry around.

Life is too short to allow mean people to control your moods. Do not allow their negativity to invade your positive aura. Do not take their bitterness personal, they are just showing their true colors, not yours.

Now, if by chance you feel the need to go bat-shit on a meanie head, take into consideration, that they will most likely beat you, due to their experience. They are pros at being mean.

You are nice because you choose to be, it's who you are, it's how you tick. Don't permit bitter people to take you down. Don't allow them to control your emotions. The next time a mean person gets in your face, instead of punching their face, you could save face and walk away. Why? Because that's how nice people roll...

Mean people suck. Nice people don't.

Taylor Swift: Mean

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© 2014 Linda Bilyeu


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