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Beware of Dog

Updated on March 3, 2016

Okay we can assume the title will divert you to a topic about dogs, but no we are going a different route with this one. A dog is a person who feels they can sleep around with any mutt they encounter, and does so with little or no regard to the, who, what; where and when or the consequences it may entail if the person begins to have feelings for them.

A person who’s only desire is to have sex, and commitment is never an option or even a person who may be married and just seeking that little extra they just can’t get at home. These people become the pros on lieing and getting their way. Manipulating matters to suit them becomes easier and easier with each conquest, and each person simply believes they can change them.

Knowing the Signs

The signs of a true dog should be evident to all, so now I’ll just note them and you can judge for yourself.

  • wandering eyes when out with you
  • secretive and or vague with certain questions
  • unanswered calls or texts when you reach out to them
  • lack of respect for you and your feelings
  • overactive phone when together
  • extreme internet use (social sites)
  • many opposite sex friends on FB or MySpace
  • flirting
  • walking away when taking a call
  • whispering behind closed doors
  • avoids certain areas to avoid being caught
  • MIA some weekends and or on holidays

The list can go on and on, but I just handled the basic signs. These dogs/players know all too well how to get out of tough situations, and if you try calling them on an off day and they don’t get back to you for a few days, it is definitely clear you are not the only person they are involved with, so always be careful. Make sure you have your own protection readily available if you simply can’t resist their charm, and always be sure to watch your back just in case. Hey you never know for as mentioned before some may even be married.


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