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Beyond the Veil of Scarlet

Updated on May 9, 2012
In traditional wedding red.
In traditional wedding red. | Source

(This is, in essence, a companion piece to one of my hubs, Why Arranged Marriages are Still the Norm in India.

Here is a reflection on a girl's life, someone who's forced to give up an independent existence to tie herself into the bonds of matrimony. The backdrop is that of India (hence the scarlet veil reference). The only solace in her life now seems to be a flimsy veil that covers not only her face but every thought crossing her mind too. She learns to cope with the man's indifference, born of the arranged setup. It is only after a seemingly unexpected tragedy that she learns to give a name to the pain she feels. The bittersweet tang of a foreign emotion, one she realizes too late to be love...)

Your visage shadowed by gilded cage,

Trembling fingers, unsure and frail,

A wreath of grief your life became

A puppet, you, muffle wails of rage.

Your heart a chunk, weak and pale,

Drops of crimson dot vision turned tame

Tear rivulets rain your bosom stronger,

Veil morphs sheen of plight harder.

Icicles of apathy, his lust's a haven,

Sated, unhappy, your mind turbulent

Beyond the threshold, he slumps away

Hunched, you plead through drapes of raven,

He shrugs off hope you severely lent,

Your chest heaves as he strolls away.

Veil flutters in the wake of rift,

Bitterly, you chase away demons miffed.

A dawn as orange as scarlet clouds,

Your pulse quickens with embers glowing,

As an ashy heap your chains lay,

Taunting the love your veil spouts

His soul in ennui leaves you mourning,

That gleam of hope a distant ray.

Let bracelets clink in eulogy's synch

Abandoning veil, you usurp peace' brink



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