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Biblical themes for Christian weddings and invites

Updated on April 8, 2014

Christian weddings are known for the singing, dancing and merriment they display. Apart from the popular themes and styles in the market these days, many couples like to have a traditional wedding and stick to a biblical theme for the event. Even if the concept comes across as a notion of the yesteryears, it is in fact fun to prepare and execute the same. Guests enjoy the Biblical and rustic feel such events exude. Let’s take a look at how a Christian wedding and invitation can be based on Biblical times.

Preparing a Christian wedding card

For a traditional Christian wedding card, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. They are discussed below-

  • Every religion has specific auspicious symbols that need to be incorporated in the wedding card. While making a Christian card, incorporate symbols such as the cross, rosary, dove, church or church silhouette, flowers, candles, praying hands or pictures of Jesus, Mary, the saints or angels in the card. With recent printing techniques you could get a wonderful effect like engraving, laser printing, laser paper cutting etc. This will give the card an interesting and modern look even while it is inspired by the Biblical times. Other images close to the faith include musical instruments like the harp and trumpet, religious pictures in stained glass, footprints in the sand, birds perched on a tree etc.
  • Make sure you stick with the theme for all the wedding cards. In case you’ve finalised a colour scheme and symbol for the invite ensure it is present in the all the cards and stationery you print for the event. You could also use a set of symbols to be used in different cards, for example, if you’ve chosen the bells for the invitation card, then have the trumpet on the ceremony program and harp on the thank you cards.

  • Wordings in the card are an essential aspect and require special attention. For a biblical theme wedding card, you could use your favourite Bible verse or a verse that has special meaning to you as a couple or to your relationship. This can serve as an introduction to the wedding ceremony program or invitation. Just like the symbol and colour scheme make sure the same verse is present on the other cards with the invite.
  • Along with the design you also need to focus on the fonts you choose for the wordings .It needs to complement the religious elements on the card. You could opt for calligraphy by a professional calligrapher. This may be a little expensive but has an excellent impact on the guests and gives a personalised touch too. The card could also have a specially designed bride-and-groom monogram.
  • You can purchase made-to-order cards from invitation card designers. They will present you with a host of options as per your requirement and taste. You can also avail the option of customising your own. In case you want to make one then download free design templates online and print your card at home. If you’re facing a time crunch then opt for shopping online. It’s faster and gives you the option of personalising the design. Also, this is a pocket friendly means of getting a trendy invite with scope of availing a few freebies as well.

Biblical wedding themes are popular amongst couples with strong faith in God. Also, the Bible has many stories and passages that talk about the importance of love and marriage. These can work as wonderful themes to base the wedding celebration on. Some themes that you can plan are as follows –

Garden of Eden-

A story that marks the beginning of man and woman and their importance in each other’s life is that of Adam and Eve. So consider incorporating the Garden of Eden theme for your wedding. It I an excellent way of displaying the made for each other emotion couples usually feel when they meet each other. Your venue could be outdoors with a lot of trees and flowers around you. You could also set stage with plants and flowers placed all around the hall. Make sure you put to use wild and different kinds of flowers to give it the look and feel of an exotic garden. The wedding cake could also be designed in a similar fashion.

Noah’s Ark

The Noah’s Ark theme can be well assimilated in the wedding and most essentially in the card. As per the story, God instructed Noah to save not just himself and his family but the two of every animal from the great flood as well. This can be represented in the wedding by having pairs in the wedding theme too. The invitation card could have love birds incorporated in it. The flower arrangement could be done in pairs like two roses in each bunch. The colour theme for the venue and the card could be sea blue and the stage could be designed as a boat. This is a fun theme and will definitely impress the guests as well.

Attributes of Love –

The Bible teaches us the importance of love in our life. In 1 Corinthians 13: 4-13, God explains the definition and attributes of love. These scriptures can very well work as the wedding theme. You can have the scriptures read during the ceremony, have a passage printed on the invitation cards. At the reception you could have each table named after an attribute mentioned in the chapter.

Biblical Couples –

The Bible has records of several true love stories of the era. Noteworthy amongst them is Abraham-Sarah and Jacob-Rachel. These love stories in fact show love as patients and love as worthy. Take inspiration from these themes and write your wedding vows based on them. You could also decorate the reception hall to represent the Biblical towns with palm trees and old style buildings. Have silhouettes of biblical elements cut out and placed around the reception area. Make sure the wedding cards are designed to make the guests feel that they are being summoned to attend and event in the Biblical era.


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