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Big Wedding or Small Wedding?

Updated on May 26, 2011

The stereotype has us girls sitting around all our lives planning these elaborate, story book weddings. And while that might hold true for some, I’d venture to say that it’s not really the norm. So for those of us getting married who have no clue how we want it to go… well, we have many big decisions to make before we say “I do.” Decisions like, should you hire a professional Maryland DJ? Does your guest list include everyone you wanted to include? Perhaps the largest decision is this—should you go for a giant fantasy wedding or a small intimate wedding?

The Big Wedding

A big wedding has lots of perks. Here are a few:

· You get to share your special day with anyone and everyone you can imagine. That’s especially beneficial when it comes to those sensitive “fringe” friends who wouldn’t get invited if you were having a small wedding.

· You get more presents than you would if you had a small wedding. It may sound selfish, but realistically, who doesn’t love getting gifts?

· Big weddings can turn into giant parties celebrating perhaps the most important decision you’ll make in your entire life. That said, people who have large weddings often have many fond memories to look back on and stories to tell.

The Small Wedding

The small wedding

While big weddings can be fun and flashy, there are plenty of reasons to go with the small wedding:

·You don’t have to spend a fortune with a small wedding. With the average wedding costing around $20K, it adds up quick. And for one night of your life, some people find that a hard pill to swallow. You could save the money and put it towards a house. Or better yet—your honeymoon.

·Small weddings are more intimate since you can only invite those closest to you. This may appeal to individuals who tend to be more private.

·You don’t have to entertain hundreds of guests, which helps you enjoy yourself more. Not playing hostess to a large crowd places the focus on the true meaning of the occasion, allowing you to relax more.

So what about you? Big wedding or small wedding?


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