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Updated on June 24, 2017

Long distance no problem.

Whether it be a small business trip or a long term job overseas. No need to stress over your other half and how the things will work. They will work. That's what I assure you. Just take a calm breath hold onto your dearest coffee and let's get it through with.

Plan to work

Your other half is moving miles away, or is miles away. What you need to do first is comfort him/her and plan really. The better the plan to make the things work the better they'll work.

  • set the schedule of talk time: The best thing you can do when living away is having a good talk everyday. You can Skype and IMO. That makes it really easy. Connecting on daily basis assures you the things are working. So first thing schedule the time when you both are free of any work and spend that time together. Whether it'd be for 10 minutes. You'll feel good after talking.

Hold on strong
Hold on strong

Its all about trust and will

Frequently let your partner know how mu h you trust him/her. But keep it low like once In a month to not bother him/her up.

  • Will : We all know the all famous quote where there is a will there's a way. If you are willing enough you'll find every reason/ chance to make the relation work no matter how hard it seems.
  • Busy yourself: Hang out with friends and relax and enjoy and work with concentration, you won't be mopping around then. Make plans with friends and live.
  • Celebrate: celebrate all the special occasions with your partner by surprising them with a gift or fly over to see them when they miss you too much. Plan the occasions on the video calls, cut cakes and show them all the fancy things you did for them.
  • Memories: Talk to your partner about your favorite memories with them to let them know how much you enjoyed the first date, when you had your first anniversary, etc.
  • Talk about routine: Talk about each others routine and ask about how's they're doing. Show concern and happiness where needed.
  • Say I love you: Don't forget to tell him/ her how much you love them. Say I love you every time you talk.

If possible visit your partner

Visit your partner and spend good time together. Go on dates and show them how much you love them. Make the best of your time. It'll give you months to reminisce about those days and feel good about your relation.

Been through the long distance

I personally have been through the long distance and not to disappoint you but it really makes you feel alone sometimes. But if you know to manage your time and have fun. Way to go.

My boyfriend and I used to talk everyday. And by small beautiful texts we surprised each other. They really makes your heart melt. We used to meet after months, but hey worth the wait. The more you stay away for long the more the love increases and yes it definitely works. Wish them their birthdays the first. Let them know frequently how much you love them. It worked for me. And most importantly build trust. I hope it works for you the same!


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