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Unique Wedding Centerpieces with Birch Twigs

Updated on February 3, 2013

Fresh Wedding Decoration Using Birch Twigs

Create beautiful wedding decoration using birch twigs. Easy to create with, birch branches provide a bold natural material to make wedding centerpieces and other decorations.

Use birch twigs in wedding centerpieces for a strikingly different table display. Inexpensive, flexible and creative, explore the possibility of using birch twigs for wedding decorations.

Why choose to use birch branches and not other tree branches?

With their light, wispy branches, birch branches grow with a straight form. Grouping the branches together gives a favorable full display. Birch branches dry naturally after being cut, looking fresh years after harvesting. Having a strong twig, the branches of a birch tree will be flexible and able to use in different ways. .

Create beautiful centerpieces inexpensively, read more to get ideas and tips on how you can craft these natural twigs into something eye-catching and spectacular.

Eifflel tower vases filled with jewels make a tall vase for birch branches to fan out in, while being tight and collected at the bottom. Birch branches are mixed with fresh orchids.

Young birch trees
Young birch trees

Where to find Birch Trees

The time to harvest birch twigs is right after the leaves have dropped to early spring, before the buds have set on the trees.

American white birch (Betula papyrifera) is one of the most popular birch trees. White birch trees are found in the Northern United States, as far south as Pennsylvania and West into Washington state. They grow best in full sun and rich soil. Often groups of young birch trees can be found growing in the same area.

It's best to cut the young 1 year old shoots for a nice rich brown thick stemmed branch. Be careful not to cut too many branches off one tree to keep the birch tree healthy and strong.

Branches cut from a young birch tree will have a lighter brown color with small white spots on the tips of the branches.

Eiffel Tower

The thin Eiffel tower vase with a fluted top matches well with birch branches.

Birch Twigs Mixed with Fresh Orchids

Spring Birch Twig Arrangements

A spring wedding is full of life and color. What better idea than using birch twigs to liven up a centerpiece.

Keep in mind that natural birch branches can be painted any color, making it easy to keep with a wedding color scheme. Paint the branches with a large brush and interior latex paint. Also using spray paint is an option for painting the birch branches. Using spray paint is faster, but can be more costly. One can of paint will cover about 30 branches.

After the birch branches are the desired color, they can be decorated with silk flowers. Artificial flowers come in many sizes and colors, and are easily attached to birch twigs. Detach the flower from the leaves and attach the silk flower to the end of the birch twig.

Make smaller centerpieces or name tag holders with small birch twigs and a single flower

Summer Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

using birch twigs

Summer is the time for vibrancy and color. When using birch twigs for a summer wedding decoration, use painted birch twigs that have been dusted with glitter.

Many fresh flowers are available during the summertime. Birch twigs can be mixed with an array of flowers. The twigs give a nice natural height to any centerpiece.

A Topiary can be made , by using the thicker part of a birch branch. Use the sticks as a base for the foam on top .

Be creative!.

You can mix and match these techniques, to fit your wedding plans.

Create test branches to see what will look best!

Mix Techniques for a Unique Look

Mix Techniques for a Unique Look
Mix Techniques for a Unique Look

Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

using birch twigs

When decorating for a fall wedding, you can use any of the techniques listed above and still achieve fall decoration by adding fall flowers or coloring the twigs fall colors. Entwine fall berries (real or artificial) in the bunch of twigs.

Larger birch branches can be used as a hanging candle holder. Secure the branch in plaster in the desired container, and hang tea lights in glass holders from the branches. Use battery tea lights for a safer lighting option.

Winter Decoration Tips

using birch twigs

A winter wedding is the time to make iced birch branches . Iced birch branches deflect the light and sparkle like they are really covered in ice. The iced branches look stunning when pared with lights .

Birch branches can also be painted to match your color scheme before being "iced" to make even a bolder color statement.

Find a tutorial for iced birch branches here

Birch branches with fresh roses

Mixing Fresh Flowers With Birch Twigs

A variety of fresh flowers compliment airy birch branches and add color into the wedding centerpieces.

Any ideas you would like to share?

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      There are lots of ideas we have

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      There are lots of ideas we have

    • profile image

      RichardHammond 7 years ago

      Its simple but its beautiful. wedding favors cheap

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      MargoPArrowsmith 7 years ago

      minimal beauty. I loved it

    • tandemonimom lm profile image

      tandemonimom lm 7 years ago

      These are some beautiful decorating ideas!

    • blushingface profile image

      blushingface 8 years ago

      These are some great decorations with birch twigs. I would have loved to use these in my wedding...they're very attractive!

    • thesquirrelymom profile image

      thesquirrelymom 9 years ago

      These branch centerpieces are gorgeous! A bride could save a lot of money using these, and it is unusual.