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Birthday thank you messages: Thanks for birthday wishes, party and gifts

Updated on February 11, 2013
Do you really appreciate someone's effort in wishing you on your birthday, hosting your birthday party or for giving you an awesome gift? Send a thank you card and write a lovely message in it.
Do you really appreciate someone's effort in wishing you on your birthday, hosting your birthday party or for giving you an awesome gift? Send a thank you card and write a lovely message in it. | Source

Birthday thank you messages: This post is a collection of messages and quotes that can be used to reply to thank someone for their wishes, gifts and presence in birthday parties. Whether you want to write a thank you message on a return gift, thank people for coming to your party or simply write a sweet reply to birthday wishes – scroll down and allow your inner feelings to trickle out in your message.

Thank you messages in reply to birthday wishes

1) No wine can ever match the sweet intoxication of a friend's birthday wish. Thanks for your wishes dear.

2) You know you are growing mature when you receive a birthday wish from an ex and actually feel good about it. Thanks for wishing and being the bigger person.

3) Your birthday wish gave my day a lift, ending on a high when I opened your awesome gift.

4) Lovable and beautiful - your wish was just like you. Thanks for your message on my birthday.

5) Waking up to your message on my iPhone was the best thing that happened to me on my birthday. I am so glad you remembered me, thanks.

6) A birthday message from a friend like you

Was the perfect start to a year new


7) Birthdays come and go, but wishes and messages from best friends like you remain in the heart forever. Thanks.

8) Your wish is more precious than the most expensive gift I have ever received. xoxo

9) I am going to save your SMS in my inbox so I can look at it in the morning and smile every day. Thanks for your wish.

10) The light of my birthday was you

Without you I would have been so blue

Thank you

11) Birthday greetings like yours prove that the pen is indeed mightier than the swords. Thanks for such a lovely wish.

12) Amazon Gift Card, $100. Wishes like yours, priceless. Thanks.

13) The sweetest thing on my Facebook timeline is your birthday wish. Thanks for your tender words.

14) A heartfelt wish like yours can only come from a person whose heart is without malice. Thanks for making me feel so nice on my birthday.

15) Your wish dived into my heart and refuses to come out. I hope it stays there forever because it is beautiful. Thanks.

16) A virtual reply is not enough for such a sweet birthday wish miss, I owe you a hug and a kiss. Thanks.

17) I would trade all my gifts for a touching birthday wish like yours. Thanks for making me feel so nice.

18) People like you who remember birthdays are a cure for the feeling of loneliness. Thanks for remembering an old friend's birthday.

19) Words can't express how happy I felt when I saw your text message. Thanks for wishing me on my birthday.

20) Your wishes gave my birthday a lift

They deserve to be returned with a gift

Hope you like it

Thank you messages for coming to a birthday party

1) Only angels like you have the heart to make someone else's birthday celebration so special. Thanks for being the angel in my life.

2) Without you my best bud

My birthday would have been a total dud

Thanks for coming

3) You are the reason that pictures of my birthday party are so beautiful. Thanks for making my birthday prettier and sexier.

4) The music, cake and wine – nothing would have been sweet if not for your presence. Thanks for gracing my birthday.

5) You have a knack of selecting awesome friends and awesome gifts. Thanks for coming on my birthday.

6) You were the charm and heart of my birthday

Thank you for everything is the least I can say

7) Thanks for celebrating my special day in your own special way. I appreciate all that you did on my birthday.

8) The presence of special friends like you and not fancy gifts make birthdays memorable. Thanks for giving me both.

9) With friends like you

Every day in life is a birthday party new

Thanks for being there with me on my birthday

10) I was the center of attention on my birthday because charming people like you were all around me. Thanks for attending my birthday.

11) Your presence makes birthdays worth celebrating each year. Thanks for being the best friend ever.

12) Today you packed such a punch

Thanks for gracing my birthday lunch

13) Your hosting skills and sense of humor were the best presents I received on my birthday yesterday. Thanks for everything buddy.

14) Candles, cake, treats and gifts would be meaningless without the company of friends like you. Thanks for coming.

15) With you around, we heard the champagne pop

Without you my birthday party would have been a flop

Thanks mate

16) Thanks for the massive party. I wish you treated me like a queen throughout the year instead of on just one day. xoxo

17) Parties and celebrations are incomplete without friends and family. I am incomplete without you. Thanks for everything.

18) This return gift is a token of my appreciation of the smiles and laughter you shared in my birthday party. Thanks.

19) It is because of you that my birthday party was such a blast

I am dying for my birthday to return fast

Thanks for living it up at my party

20) If my birthday party was a beauty pageant you would be crowned the winner. Thanks for adding your glamorous touch to the celebrations.

Thank you card for acknowledging an awesome gift
Thank you card for acknowledging an awesome gift

Thank you messages for birthday gifts

1) The best gifts don't come from rich pockets. They come from rich hearts like yours. Thanks for your gift.

2) I have a million reasons to thank dear friends like you. The birthday gift you gave me happens to be just one of them.

3) Thanks a ton for the birthday present you bought, I liked it a lot but you need have not.

4) Your company was what I wanted on my birthday. The gift was an added bonus. Thanks for making my birthday special.

5) Your birthday gift was a real treat

Thank you for being so sweet

6) Thanks for the birthday gift you gave me. It is unique, useful and unlike anything I have ever received before.

7) The real reason why I wait for my birthday every year is to get an amazing gift from you. Thanks you for living up to the expectation this year too.

8) The moment I opened your gift, I had sworn

To receive gifts like yours, must be the reason I was born

Thanks a million buddy

9) The nicest of people give the nicest of gifts. Thanks for being so nice.

10) The biggest birthday gift any friend can give is unconditional love and support. Thanks for giving me that gift all year round.

11) I can see that you are doing very well in your job. Every year, your gifts keep becoming fancier. Thanks buddy.

12) Are you a psychic? Your gift was just what I wanted. Thanks.

13) My biggest birthday gift this year was that you were able to make it to my party. I appreciate it. Thanks so much.

14) You get the award for the Best Birthday Gift in 2013. Congratulations and thanks.

15) I would have never talked to you for not coming to my party had it not been for the gift you sent. Thanks for redeeming yourself with an expensive gift.


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    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 

      7 years ago from Dubai

      Great thank you messages, enjoyed reading.


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