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Black History; Interracial Racial Relationships...

Updated on February 9, 2016

racism and discrimination

It has come to my attention that racism is still going on and has been since Martin Luther King passed. It has been subtle yet still lingering across the country. I never understood why color mattered so much to people. I look around the area I live in and the fact is that I never really cared about color because well it didn't matter and still doesn't. What mattered to me was the heart and nature of a person. Growing up, I was raised to be as a proper black woman. I went to a Catholic High School and had my group of "white friends" or those that " looked white" and it never really occurred to me unless I was the only black girl in the class.

When we speak of racism there's a fine line between racism and discrimination. My thoughts however in this article are going to become VERY graphic so I apologize if I've offend anyone. As I said in my other Hub page anyone is entitled to have their own opinion. My senior year everything changed and how I viewed life. Now lets talk about discrimination. I switched my senior to attend a public school near by just to have fun my last year in high school and be involved in as much extra curricular activities as I could. I was in Music class, Drama, participated in the school play, Step team etc. of course by then i had to drop a few because things were getting out of hand.

In the step team, there were mostly blacks or should as I saw it "ghetto" blacks. ( again not to offend anyone who is reading this ) My entire world had changed that very moment and I wanted to fit in with the cool crowd. Now, looking at myself I was different and they knew I was different. Until I started talking just like they did. After I changed the way I spoke the way i dressed, and my "good hair " didn't matter as long as I fit in nothing else bothered them.

I started hanging out with them more often and found there was a girl who lived down the street from me. I noticed her family was different from mine. They seemed to have no respect for each other as well as they struggled a lot and there were lots of kids in the house they were taking care of. The girl I befriend also smoked weed and slept around. It was a very uncomfortable way of life to see someone live so I slowly backed away from all of that.

Slowly, I started putting myself back together and talking like I did before I started the new school year. Once I changed people changed. I got made fun of more, being told I was ugly, and I was bullied even more so. I knew it was more than just because of the way I changed up because if they were my true friends they would have understood. I didn't mean any harm by it I just wanted to fit in I wanted to have females and I wanted a boyfriend. But after going through all that none of that mattered anymore.

Fast forward to now, I am in my late 20s. Met a friend at my last job and found out their parents wont let them date ethnic folks. When I visited their mom left me standing outside on the porch speaking to me through the crack door went to go grab my friend and apparently made us talk on the porch. My world spun in different directions I was so humiliated that I'm still til this day angry about it. We have occasional fights because they can't even come near me without the parents getting upset. I hate to put this all on hub but I felt it was necessary for this essay. At the end of the day, we still are great friends and always will be.

My point of this essay or article is to tell the world that racism shouldn't be an issue for any relationship weather it be friend or romantic relationships. If other people have issues with it and try everything to pull you guys apart and break up your friendship just because of color difference that is by far the most cold heart thing anyone can do. Color has no opinion on anyone. People shouldn't judge anyhow and if they do it should be judging on their heart and nature of the personality. Its a rocky road to live but you can push through with all your might. Stay positive and Trust in your heart, and trust in God. God will lead you to all the right people you are supposed to be with..

over and out.


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    • Majimarie89 profile image

      Majimarie89 2 years ago

      thank you so much.

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 2 years ago from India

      very well written.