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Black Men and Black History

Updated on February 1, 2012

Black Men Review – Black History Month 2012

Just as sited before, the talented tenth get it. I propose that 10% of our men are smart, purpose driven, legacy examples, and contributing members of society. Yes, I said 10%. To those 10% of black men with purpose you have my utmost respect.

As I ponder the state of black America – I must shake my head in shame and apologize to

Sojourner Truth

Harriet Tubman

Malcolm X

Martin Luther King Jr

and the list goes on and on

In shame I shake my head to the presentation of water downed leaders and men who operate without thought or direction. From the look of clothes hanging around their ankles with boxers exposed, to their lack of commitment when creating life, to the contentment to loose in life. Unbelievable.

How could so many people sacrifice so much for the liberties we take from granted? How dare you be content to be a deadbeat father!? How dare you feel its okay to create a tribe with no ring or respect? How dare you sit around feeling sorry for yourself and eat off what a woman provides? How dare black men fulfill the negative stereotype of deserting father and provider? How dare men abdicate their responsibilities to women and then blame them for surviving in spite of their absence? How many women can tell their sons: “I hope you grow up to be like your father? “

So many men who believe they can only make money by selling drugs or blow up as a rap artist. These same men don’t see themselves as possible doctors, attorneys, youth directors, or quality fathers. No longer the king but a heartbreaker placing death at a woman’s door of health by HIV or by heart attack from placing too many responsibilities on a her shoulders. Here you go you can handle it girl! Asking a woman to be the provider, cook, maid, mother, and then make you feel okay about your non contribution to the welfare of the family. So many men base their manhood on how many women they can sleep with because it’s a false sense of bravado leaving behind single family households. Single family households coupled with lowest household incomes from lack of education. A cold war exists between a man and a woman because of this destructive interaction. Why do so many men feel they are only as good as what they have in their pants, their clothing, or their vehicle? Small brains without the capacity to think for the future, plan for their success, and selectively choose women to bear their seeds.

Conscience women who sit barren and single as their natural mate has completely lost his mind and way. Perhaps the result of too many women raising men but whatever the case -mostly a disgrace.

I cringe every time I see a black couple in front of the judge. I wait for the explanation of why he doesn’t owe you for the cell phone bought and put in his name or why the money loaned to them was a gift. I’m sick of this! What makes matters even worse is that women are now paying for men who aren’t worth anymore than the drink they were sipping on in the club. What happens? The men just prettier and more sensitive to the point of wearing skirts.

My question:

Did black pioneers die to bear witness to the statistics of where black men are today?

I have love for black men like no other but I have to tell you disappointment runs deep for the lack of knowledge and direction missing from the average black man. It’s like watching someone brilliant mathematician who can solve any complex equation, be struck with a disease of the mind, and sit for hours to determine the answer to 3 squared.


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    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

      i understand your bitterness. Harriet Tubman is my personal hero, and I know those gangbangers in the hood don't deserve the kind of respect I have to offer her and all the many unsung millions like her who lived their lives so bravely under such adverse conditions that it sometimes makes me ashamed to be white.

      I don't think all of your issues are "black" man issues: some of them are just "man" issues. It seems that women are all expected to be Supermom now; not only be the perfect single parent while holding down a power job, but also stay slim and sexy way into our 40's and 50's! Like that's real life.