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Black Woman Dating Sites - Your guide to the top 5 black woman dating services

Updated on August 3, 2009

Black Women Dating Sites Uncovered

For some black women finding Mr. right is becoming difficult so many have flocked to different mediums in order to find the correct date. Many singles have now moved there search of love to the internet. With a click of the mouse black women can separate the losers from their potential mates. Here are 5 black woman dating services that would best cater to a black woman online.



This online dating service is quickly growing each day. This website is becoming the premier online dating service for black singles across the United States. Profile set up takes no time for new users. Once you enter the website you can begin looking for potential lovers in your area. This online dating service is extremely user friendly and seems to focus on the more mature crowd.

Who should join?

Black women in there early 4o’s and up


This dating site features a specific type of black singles. The company specializes in dating for singles who are from Africa. Though all black people may share similar complexion there still can be a difference when it deals with culture. Many Africans who seek love may want to find a person whom they can relate to.

Who should join?

- Black women who are from Africa

- African women who show interest in white men


This site is very similar to others but it has some cool features. The website offers live chat between singles in the online community. With live chat you talk to others thru video stream. They also have articles that discuss topics that a black single would be interested in. BlackPeopleMeet is one of the top dating sites for black singles. 

Who should join? 

- Black women from all backgrounds


Afroromance takes on a unique demographic of single black women. The company specializes in interracial dating, specifically black and white couples. Though this a time most of us seek to put down the walls of race, there is still some tension when discussing this topic. For women who want to explore outside of there own nationality, Afroromance is there to help. The companies website features a searching tool for someone to browse the type of lover they seek. Once you decide to get started there are 3 simple steps for you to complete. The first step is to create an account which will allow you to fully explore their many daters. After you have an account then its time to create a profile. Your profile would consist of a picture and some information about yourself. Finally when your profile is done you can begin to chat with others in the online community.

Who should join?

- Black women who want to explore the dating world with other races


BlackPlanet is not only intended for dating but is used for people who are in business, looking for jobs, and those who want to communicate with a large population of black people online. Since it allows their users to start relationships thru different avenues it can take pressure off someone who is searching for love. Unlike other dating sites that put you on the dating scene right away, this is a way to ease in. Black women can end up finding there lover just by a simple friendship online. For the women who want to handle business maybe sparks can happen between you and a new business partner. Lesbian black women can also find love in the websites dating section. Using this site can be best way to introduce yourself to online dating.

Who should join?

-The networker and dater alike

Which Black Online Singles Site do you prefer?

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