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Black love

Updated on January 30, 2010

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Did you hear the news?

Black love is old news

It ascended to heaven and went away

No more Doctor King and Corretta Scott today

No more marriages that last decades

No more hopes and dreams of working together for a better day


I’m trying to get over on you, I wanna get paid

Run girl like Banner said so I can get my hair laid

All at your expense for I am truly not for sale but for rent

My feelings are as true as your deep pockets, and real as your safe deposit

Boxed full of ill-will and feelings but for you for I smile

You’re paying for my dealings

And love between the cold sheets

For the right price and a little ear jazz I will gladly be your freak

No questions asked because my clothes and hair made me bad


No need to love you for who you are, bump that, what kind of car?

Do you drive to your corporate job?

Or do you just thug and rob

Anyway I don’t care as long as it pays for my clothes and hair

I like you as long as you spend your dollars

Your income makes my holla

And you’re handsome as can be

That’s what’s important to ladies who are now about as deep

As a shallow pond

Who don’t know what truly makes a black woman strong




Because you know you can’t afford that Jag

Or the way you sometimes front as if money ain’t hard

To come by because you are trying to come

Inside the house of a desperate woman with no worth past her appearance

Are you hearing?

It ain’t tricking if you got it

You a trick if you bought it

Words of a happy trick

You gotta think beyond your ________

Place to place and area to area

Finding women willing to pay for love and no respect

Thinking what they offer is more than the 20 who offered it before

Watch out they might just be too nice to your friends

She don’t care about you or anything that you do

What’s sad is that you know it too

But she validates the little boy inside

Who doesn’t feel like he’s worth much without a dime by his side

Empty conversation and self fish ways that you ignore

You know that you are choosing a high price prostitute, a w______

Ten conversations later and all you know is that she likes you’re gators

The next restaurant to be seen and eat

You can’t stand to be

Around her more than you have to in order to get your affection

Count your dollars up and use protection

Ask yourself if it was worth it

You know her reputation

She’s a carbon copy of nothingness

Can’t cook, no career, or a front career to get you to wife her and pay all her bills

Whatever the case you can count on this

If you get sick, she can’t make soup to heal you up quick

She doesn’t come and feed you, giving you juices and water

You can’t pay for dinner time, she’ll play you to the back, can’t be bothered

If you lost your dollars or fell off

You know she wouldn’t have your back

She would act like they never knew you until your pockets got swole

Wow, what a toll on your soul

Women who overstep their place

And ruin your taste and appreciation for your sisters

Broken homes make confused women

And your life is mostly the same

So women acting like men and men acting like women are to blame


We sleep with the enemy

Make babies without chemistry

Use each other to fulfill loneliness

Willing to give nothing except lies

Deception to one another

A web of deceit is required and those who fall victim to the game

Won’t even admit their shame

This ain’t normal I say!

This ain’t the right way!


Look here’s how it’s gonna go

We gonna bring back black love before our world explodes

You are gonna be my king and my protector

My provider and what’s better

You’re gonna honor me in marriage before we start pushing a carriage

You are going to be loyal and true

I’m gonna be your friend and road dog

Something more than you ever thought

I’m going to be loving and supportive

No white flag and no aborting

My dedication and loyalty to you

We’re gonna be the road model for our seeds –true

I love you like none other with no breaks

If I should die before you wake – I would thank God for your true love

An angel sent to me to watch over me, my love

If you should die before I wake –my whole world would crumble and shake

For there is no one I could ever love again

You are homey, lover, and friend

My true soul mate without waiver

I love you for all the right reasons

In and out of bad weather and seasons

No matter the rhyme or reason

You will always have comfort in my arms

You are my one and only Don Juan

For you will never find one better

Who loves you in and out, no matter?


So send out your s.o.s. today!

Bring black love back our way

Stop settling for less

I want your best

Be true

Be real, that’s what I say

Don’t marry anyone marry the one who you love

Bonnie and Clyde was no lie

True to death, no excuses or alibi’s

We Ride

Till the end of time

You will be my air

My heart

My love

We gonna rise above

You gonna hold it down like a strong man

You know I got your back

Bump welfare and poverty, we gonna live better than that

Entrepreneurship, education, skills and trades

So we can live, travel, and see better days

I’m not waiting for Mr. here and now

You’re not waiting for a money grubbing clown

You are waiting on your soul mate

Black love is back and it’s gonna be great!




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    • WordNLipsAffair profile image

      WordNLipsAffair 7 years ago

      Interesting..real Black Love will never go anywhere.