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Blind Date Valentine

Updated on February 13, 2012

We were supposed to been a blind date on a Saturday Night, so I decided to meet on a Friday night. And the very first time I seen my husband, a very handsome man was walking towards me but with a slight limp and was walking with a cane. I remember thinking 'Ahhh, he needs me.'

He had been hurt really bad at his job about a year before that. But really worried me was that he was a bachelor for 10 years. Even though we had so much in common, it shocked me how he had lived. As a single man up on a mountain in a small cabin. My first visit to his place my heart went out to him.

My thoughts were That Poor Man! He had cases mind you of, get this.....Ramen Noodles, it gets worse, one flavor, CHICKEN.

******* Before the Date******

Yes, we were supposed to be a blind date but I called him first to see what he was like. Back then, I dated Pretty RedNecks, but dumb as rocks, they could plow a field but never that I had seen, read a book. So I asked Mr. Tony Guthrey some questions and if he had read a book....

1. He had read Stephen King's Desperation.

2. What happened at the end, because I had read it.

3. He knew the end.

4. I was impressed.

5. I also feel in love.

That was 9 years ago. I bought that book for him a couple of years ago. He laughed and kissed me. And Sometimes we still eat Ramen Noodles.


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    • Dee42 profile image

      Dee42 6 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Love knows no boundries. Sweet story..Enjoyed ..