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Blood type and personality

Updated on November 24, 2012

Elsie Lincoln Benedict, in her book How to Analyse People, classifies human beings into five types: the fat people, the florid people, the muscular people, the bony people and the mental people. Each one of these types is determined by one of the five great departments of the body -- the nutritive, the circulatory, the muscular, the bony or the nervous. Everyone is born with one of these systems more highly developed, larger and better equipped than the others. For example the fat people have good stomach, and nervous people have large brains. The fundamental traits of every individual are stamped in the shape and size of his or her body, head, face and hand.

I believe this, however, Elsie Benedict seems to neglect something fluidal and moving inside human body, the blood, its types are determined by genes.

Blood type is classified, in part, by the antigens present on red blood cells. Type A has Anti-B, type B has Anti-A, type AB has both Antigen A and B, while type O hasn't any antigen on the red blood cells.

Doctors use blood type in blood transfusion according to red blood compatibility, while Japanese use this to predict people’s personality, and apply it in matchmaking, recruiting, even in war. During WWII, a study showed that 41.2% of a Taiwanese sample had type O blood, and they were very rebellious, while only 23.8% of Ainu had type O, those people were characterized as submissive, so the researcher suggested that Japanese should increase intermarriage with the Taiwanese to reduce the number of Taiwanese with type O blood.

This sounds a little bit crazy. But somehow you may feel uncertain about it, just as you do about supernatural.

Strictly speaking, this was not a serious experiment, just a TV show. The nursery teacher broke a “very special vase” to see how students of different blood type react. The whole class of Group A deserted the male teacher to report the accident to their own teacher, The group B seems very amused by the broken vase, calmly sitting there, and even started to sing. The male teacher asked them to promise to keep secrets, and they did, even invent an excuse to blame the slippers. Group AB promise not to tell the truth, but they betrayed after. Group O seemed shocked by the accident, and report the truth without any hesitant, one student even recreated the scene to show how the male teacher fell and broke the vase.

So what could you make from these after you watched this show? Do you believe the correlation between blood type and personality now?


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    • GracieLake profile image


      7 years ago from Arizona

      Sorry, I see this as rubbish. While we have genetics guiding us in many ways, we ultimately have the ability to make up our own minds. Maybe this example works on kids in a classroom, because of peer pressure.


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