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Bloody love ? Haemoglobinally yours?

Updated on September 2, 2009
You can fill them with aromatherapy oils, perfume,crystals or lock of your lovers hair ...
You can fill them with aromatherapy oils, perfume,crystals or lock of your lovers hair ...

A New Trend ?

There are mysteries about love.Things that neither of us may ever understand because love is an emotion without limits and understanding ,people love each other but they can never explain completely as why they love each other ! Love is not a clock ,you simply cannot take it apart just to see what makes it tick and even if you could you probably could never get it back together again !!

well that sets me wondering whats with the strange things couples do when in love.Love is the energy of life so is blood, hence the connection?

Jwelery to hold body fluids is weird ?or cool in a weird sort of way? Do you think its ewwww so gross or romantic to the core? is it an intense thing? an intimacy which is beyond the understanding of simple minds? what is it exactly?

Lovers have known to go to extremes to secure their love or to make the other feel special and worshipped so love makes one do all sort of things. May be its got something to do with the desire to possess the other person or to connect to the other at all levels possible.Or is it asscociated with Magick rituals and Vampirism?

In some states its a felony offense to carry around body fluids!!!

Hundreds of years ago and perhaps still couples wear pendants with their loved ones lock of hair in it . It was a way of having their loved one with them at all times.

Angela jolie was seen wearing a vial of Billy Bob Thronton's blood vial. The latest i have heard is D.N.A pendants ,where you dont need to draw pins and needles involved.All you have to do is simply put a cotton bud inside your loved ones mouth and pop the cotton bud in the postage paid envelope and the people running the D.N.A pendant store send back a D.N.A pendant !!!! I find it a tad too much !

After Angela Jolie wearing a blood vial pendant it almost became a trend. But is it a healthy trend? with so many blood diseases hovering around?

Mankind from its very begining has recognised the power of blood .All cultures have known that blood has the power to remove sins, heal, appease the Gods and obtain blessings from them. We understand that blood represents life of the flesh, for without it all flesh dies.Mankind universally has this blood fetish etched in its psych? Is this the reason lovers all over the world write love letters in blood, wear blood vials? is it their way to connect on the deepest, intimate level?

Would u wear a blood vial pendant ?Angela Jolie may have kickstarted the 'blood wearing is romantic' trend with that vial of Billy Bob's bodily fluids she used to wear.This trend is now as popular as ever, people specially lovers are going gaga over it !

People who are into selling these pendants are overwhelmed with the response they are getting. They are finding it hard to meet the demands for so many orders! No doubt most of the pendants are beautiful to look at ...some even pretty with intricate carvings and designs on it .U can be imaginitive and fill it with aromatherepy oils, perfumes and lock of a loved ones hair, precious gems and glitter or fake blood even because most of us ,i am sure would feel squirmish with the idea of filling it with real blood!

If you still want to fill it with your own blood please ask a doctor to draw it out for you !!!(phew) safer and wiser !

some couples just want to do things differently ..i guess. This is surely one of them.

I have nothing against people who do it , for each his own. But i do want to know has it originated from some ancient ritual? has it got something to do with spirituality?

I am going to wrap it up now but i hope to hear your comments on it please !

love , peace and happiness......cheers :)


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    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 5 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Hello Jacklyn :) I am still trying to figure it out ! Maybe it has got something to do with trying to get to the core, the essence of someone you love so dearly ? Blood is vital to life just like heartbeats, a life force. May be it gives a sense of intimacy to couples who want to wear it. Everyone has a different perception of what is normal and whats not. As long as its not harmful for us or others what the heck ? I hope you are still going strong in your relationship :) Have a great time ! Love and smiles :)

    • profile image

      Jacklyn 5 years ago

      Hi there, I came across this passage after trying to get the same answers Your asking, Hoping i can find the reason i am Campbell'd to do this.. I am totally IN LOVE with my bf of one year, and we have a very twisted relationship.. its a love hate type thing and it is mutual.. but we both came up with the idea of wearing each others blood vial's, as i wanted to do that so long ago.. but thought he'd think im a freak! finally months later he brought it up.. i was shocked that yet again we share something in common its scary sometimes how much we are alike, but after he suggested it i emitletly went online and order a kit for to.. with out really relizeing what i was actually doing.. so hear i am, wondering, why are we into this it is not common at all most ppl would be repulsed and discussed by the thought? but we both find it normal? although i know its not normal and maybe one of the reasons why i want it, maybe cus i am rebellious to what is allowed and forbidden thats just who iam.. but still not sure what has me so drawn to this..